Thursday, September 23, 2010

Eat | Drink | Play : Vince + Nylon Party

Last night Lo and I headed to Melrose Place for an evening of fashion and music. The soiree was curated by Vince and Nylon Magazine, whilst Reyka & Dirty Blonde cocktails provided libations on the house. 

I spent the night mingling, people watching [through the lens of my camera] and making new friends. Here are some of my fashionable highlights of the night:

 Free mags that were strategically placed on the mannequins heads

Catching up with Lo! It's been a minute; she's been super busy as of late
Gawking over her gorgeous mane! She was super sweet and adorable!
Eying her Alexander Wang bag. I will settle for a DIY for now. 

I loved her over-the-knee socks. Perfect accessory for a fall collegiate look. 

I loved her entire outfit! Very casual yet chic. Still kicking myself for forgetting to ask about her necklace!

Even her shoes were ultra femme! They were sky-high double-stacked platforms! 
I love Victorian-style billowy slip dreses! Her look was polished from her 3/4 length cardi to her lavender nails!

I loved the juxtaposition between the asymmetrical feminine top and the hard leather bomber. The baubles around her neck was a nice touch as well!

A nice classic black purse that will last for years is on my wish-list. Although I may not start off with a Chanel bag [for obvious reasons, seen the price tag on those lately?].

These two were super sweet and stylish

One feather earring is always a nice touch!

Orchids, my favorite. If you're ever in the L.A area, stop by Vince on Melrose Place; they amazing pieces for men and women!

Dress: Marciano Flamenco Style Wrap
Jeans: Marc Jacob Skinnies
Jacket: Zara 
Lipstick: Intriguing - Stila

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  1. I forgot to tell you that the platform's are believe it or not from Forever 21! This reminded me I need to stop in and pick up a pair lol!

  2. Love the pic and thanks Lo for the info on the platforms.. I swear I live vicariously thru u gals' lives lol

  3. How would you suggest wearing the over-the-knee socks, I would love to add that to my wardrobe!

  4. I LIVE for Nylon Mag, I'm so jelly you got to party with them!
    Your outfit was fab too, I was just oogling at that jacket on Zara's online store the other day.

  5. want want WANT that alexander wang bag!! looks like an uber cool event :D

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Nikki, your hair is growing so big. It looks great!

  8. lovely photos. looks look a great time.

  9. so many stylish ladies! And i loved that girls hair too

  10. I love that camel Zara jacket! Looks like you ladies had a great time.

  11. I like the knee-high socks look along with the entire monochromatic outfit she's wearing. I too would like to see more ways to rock them.

    Also how many times/week do you gals go out? You both look fab as always - camel jacket is HOT!

  12. your hair looks great. i also have those floral pumps from f21. they're miu miu knock-offs, but ain't no shame in my game, lol.


  13. @Lori Cotton; What? I'm there this weekend! All I needed to hear was Forever 21!

    @Fashion Rehab; Yes! Those were my faves too!

    @Sing; You're welcome!

    @Jen C; Thank you!! And yes thank you lo for the deets on the shoes!

    @KdotHali; I would wear them with tunic style dresses paired with a cardigan or even a blazer. I am going to play with a few styles and do some posts so you can see different options.

    @FoxyCurly; Thank you! Love their mag as well! Glad to see a fellow Nylon lover in the house!

    @The Natural Fashionista; Thank you!

    @vonnie; Me too! Maybe we can go half on it and then share it! LOL

    @Tanisa (Olivia) Rossi; We had a blast! :-)

    @natural hair care; Thank you! It was rather bouffant-ish that day! LOL

    @simplychic; Thank You!

    @BreukelensFinest; I know right! Oh man, I wanted to ask for her hair regimen, but thought it might have been too much at once! LOL

    @Fashionably Black; Thank you! We had an amazing time!

    @Kimmoy; You're in luck! Going to do a few blog posts on just that! :-) We go out probably about once a week!

    @Closet Confections; Thank you! Girl please, aint no shame in mine either! If they had em at Payless I would be there bright and early! LOL

  14. The necklace reminded me of this. Look three:

  15. I enjoy reading Nylon magazine and have been a faithful subscriber. The party scene looks relaxed and cozy. You must have had a lot of fun. It is great to check out people's styles because many will always have something signature about them. Feather earrings I am always in love with these days. Cannot live without them.

    And you look very stylish with your outfit and so lovely hair. :) Your eyes may have been through the lens but I bet all eyes were on you.

  16. Always beautiful and rocker chic, I cant wait for your other ootd. Thanks darlin



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