Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bentonite Clay Hair Mask Treatment >> Video

I absolutely love Bentonite Clay treatments. I usually do them about once a month and it always leaves my hair soft, manageable, and strong! I also have better curl definition and tons of body! - This treatment was done on unwashed, slightly damp hair as an alternative to clarifying my hair with shampoo. 

The Acetic Acid in Apple Cider Vinegar gently removes product buildup, excess sebum, dead skin cells, and bacteria. Apple Cider Vinegar is also beneficial for treating dandruff, nourishing the follicles, and strengthening hair at the roots. 

You can find Bentonite Clay in most Health Food stores. Aztec Indian Healing Clay is the brand I normally find in stores like Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and Vitamin Shoppe.

Bentonite Clay masks are beneficial for:
  • Transitioners and naturals alike that are looking for a gentle way to clarify
  • People who have adverse reactions to shampoo [allergic reactions etc]
  • Those looking for natural alternatives to include in their regimen periodically
Bentonite Clay benefits:
  • Gently draws out oils, dirt, dead skin cells and product buildup
  • Imparts sheen
  • Improves wet-combability [which makes detangling a breeze]
  • Enhances natural curl pattern
  • The nutrients in the Bentonite Clay nourishes the follicles
Points To Remeber:
  • You can do this treatment as often as you like
  • You can use any liquid of choice [herbal infusions, tea, apple cider vinegar, and coconut cream are all know to produce desirable results]
  • For best results, don't let the clay mixture dry on your hair [I usually leave the mixture on for about 20-30 minutes]
  • Because Bentonite Clay draws oils and toxins from your tresses, it is recommended that you follow up with a conditioning treatment to restore a bit of moisture
  • Do not use metal utensils or bowls to aid in mixing the Bentonite, as contact could reduce the therapeutic effects of the clay [due to the chemical reaction of the metal interacting with the clay].

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  1. I've used this as a mask on my face, but will try on my hair. Thanks for the tips.

  2. i love it for my face, haven't used it on the hair yet. that will be a messy day, lmao

  3. like everyone is saying, i use it for my face but never thought to use it in my hair.

    and thanks for the metal utensil tip....thankfully i've been using a plastic spatula to mix stuff.

    (where fashion and DIY collide)

  4. also, can you give some tips on preventing shedding?


  5. i have this clay for my face.. and it works wonderfully... now im gonna to try my hair:))))

  6. I have a jar of this at home, but I stopped using it because my skin is way too sensitive. I thinks I will see how it works on my hair. Thanks for the tip!

  7. QUESTION:Does the hair have to be wet before applying. And is this instead of a shampoo???

  8. Good suggestion! Next time I am at Whole foods, I will pick it up.

  9. mmmmm... my transitioning hair LOVES bentonite clay treatments. I wasn't impressed the first time I used it because I just mixed it with water, but the ACV makes all the difference in the world. I will try adding Aloe Vera next time and see how that works.


  10. I was just thinking about trying this. Thanks for the vid:)

  11. Thank you, Nicole I really appreciate all of the information and video tutorials but especially needed the ones pertaining to natural hair care methods. This is the first blog that I feel shows and tells you how start and maintain a natural hair care regimen, by actually using natural products! Your blog has a nice balance of information. I'm finally getting some clarity and hope that I can get to my hair nirvana without soley relying on what's mass produced and put on a store shelf for women. Thank you thank you.
    I do

  12. Sorry I cut off the rest of the note by accident
    I do have a question for you as well I'm currently pregnant and was wondering is there any of the natural herbs and oils, beside neem oil that I should not be using for the hair regimen? I have looked on-line but and have asked people at the Indian stores but I'm not getting enough information so my next step is to visit a herbalist. Any help pointing the write direction would be appreciated. Thanks again

  13. You said place this on unwashed hair and then follow up with conditioner. Is this a treatment to do like mid week before you the next time to wash your hair comes around?

  14. Nikole, can a Bentonite treatment be performed prior to a Henna Treatment?

  15. @Sing; You are welcome! I hope you enjoy it!

    @vonnie; Yes, it will definitely be slightly messy! But well worth it! LOL

    @L ~DIY Diva~ Give it a shot! I absolutely love it but I honestly don't have the time to do it as much as I would like.

    @L ~DIY Diva~ Sure, I will do that as a post this Friday!

    @Coco Moco; Make it a spa day and do both at the same time! Nothing wrong with a little bit of pampering!

    @aliesa_33; You're welcome! Just make sure to keep it away from your forehead area since you mentioned your skin's sensitivity to it.

    @GETMELOLLY; Yes, I lightly spritzed my hair before applying this. Well actually, I take that back. It doesn't necessarily have to be wet, it is just easier to apply that way.

    @GETMELOLLY; Thank you! Enjoy!

    @Closet Confections; I agree, that Apple Cider really ups the ante on this treatment. I wasn't impressed when I mixed it with water as well. That is the beauty of formulating natural products. You can tailor them to suit your needs!

    @Shalon; You're welcome!

    @Nadia; Thank you Nadia for the wonderful compliment! Here's a list of herbs and essential oils to avoid while pregnant:

    @Joy; This is a treatment that you can use in place of a clarifying shampoo. This works as well as shampooing the hair. You can do it as often as once weekly.

    @Margret; You could can definitely do this before a Henna Treatment. This takes the place of shampooing, so if you normally shampoo before you henna then do it before. If you shampoo after, you can opt for that as well.

  16. Have you ever tried rhassoul clay? I recently started to do a deep treatment with rhassoul clay (I vinegar rinse first, and then mix the clay with coconut milk and olive oil) and was astounded by the results. People who've tried both bentonite and rhassoul say the rhassoul is even better than the bentonite.

  17. I have done the clay before, but I always let it dry, didn't think there was a difference. I will try this again, thanks for the great tip!

  18. This mix works well as a face mask too...that's why I have it in my arsenal...never knew it could double as a hair mask.

  19. Can this be used on color treated hair.......

  20. Do you follow up with a deep conditioning treatment or a leave in?

  21. have you ever used t his with the huetiful steamer?

  22. I tried this mix today. I used a mix of ACV, Jane Carter's Leave-In and water (plus a few squirts of JBCO and Argan oil) to moisten then whipped in a blender. Wow is all I can say. I made a mistake and mixed up a lot so I have enough for the next few shampoos.

  23. I'm kind of afraid to mix this up. I sometimes have trouble pouring milk into a cup let alone clay, apple cider vinegar, and aloe vera. That'll be a messy day lol.

    Btw, I don't know why you don't wear you're hair out more often. Right after you'd spritzed your hair, it looked beautiful. :-)


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