Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Quick Tip: Two Tablespoons A Day To Healthy Skin, Hair & Nails

Before you feverishly hit the back button because you've spotted a nice big bottle of Cod Liver Oil, hear me out!! - What you put IN your body is sometimes more important than what you put ON it. We tend to spend an exorbitant amount of money on topical products for clear, glowing skin, strong hair, and long nails; so why not look to one product that can give you all that, and is natural to boot! ->> Cod Liver Oil is comprised from the livers of fresh cod fish, and extremely high in Essential Fatty Acids, Vitamin A & one of the highest naturally occurring sources of Vitamin D. Finding these nutrients at these levels in your daily diet can be challenging, so taking a supplement like this one becomes even more desirable.

Vitamin D - Acts as a natural antioxidant, heals and protects skin
Essential Fatty Acids - Reduces inflammations, improves the structure of skin cells
Vitamin A - The main component in helping correct skin disorders [acne, eczema, psoriasis, etc]

Here's What You Do:
Take one tablespoon of Cod Liver Oil at meal time twice daily [I do one dose in the morning, and one at night]

Skin Benefits:  
Clogged pores, and blackheads usually stem from a deficiency of Vitamin A. When a Vitamin A deficiency is present, new skin cells are unable to reach the surface layer of your skin. As a result, new skin cells remain trapped in your pores, where they eventually die.  

Eczema: The Essential Fatty Acids found in Cod Liver Oil stimulates anti-inflammatory hormones, which can help treat blisters, and inflammations related to Eczema as well as Contact Dermatitis. While the EFA's help to treat inflammations, Vitamins A&D also work to heal skin, and keep it protected and hydrated. 

Psoriasis: The Vitamin A found in Cod Liver oil helps to slow irregular/rapid skin cell production; this is good news to those suffering from Psoriasis because Psoriasis is caused partly by the over-production of skin cells.  

Hair Benefits: 

Cod Liver oil provides essential nutrients to your follicles that plays a major role in your overall hair health, and growth process. The vitamins and EFA's found in Cod Liver oil help's to create a smoother hair shaft, prevent hair loss, and contributes greatly to the amount of sheen, and durability of your hair. Cod Liver Oil is also rich in protein which means stronger hair for you!

Nail Benefits: 
Lack of Vitamin D can be the source of most issues with nails that are prone to chipping, and cracking. Regular consumption of Cod Liver Oil can lead to nails that are stronger, longer, and no longer prone to issues with chipping.

What Type Of Cod Liver Oil Should You Get?
My favorite [the one I can stomach the most] is Carlson's Norwegian Lemon Flavored Cod Liver Oil [Purchased from Whole Foods] - It is of optimum quality which means there is little to no fishy aftertaste, and it is lightly flavored with Lemon.

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  1. I'm sure you drink something after this lol. I will try it you are always on point! :)

    Follow me back on twitter: Niishadiva

  2. What do you do with it?

  3. yes i did make the EWWWWW face when seeing this picture but it never hurts to try something new.


  4. My mom used to force this on my brother and sisters when we were younger. I like to think it keeps your skin cleans because it flushes all the impurities out!

  5. This brought back memories of when grandmother used to make me and my cousins take a tablespoon of this stuff a day when I was younger. It was disgusting! I think I'd much rather take the tablets instead.

  6. I didn't think they still sold this stuff.

  7. Do you think there's an advantage to ingesting the liquid form rather than the capsule form?

  8. OMG, I can't imagine ever doing this but know I NEED to.


  9. Cod liver oil is great for you. It's really a shame that people have stopped taking it. I take it daily. It's best to take the fermented kind. It has more of the vitamins you need.

  10. no thanks regular cod liver oil has a strong fishy after taste so i dont think i cus try the lemon flavour. i'm going to stick with the capsules

  11. Cod Liver oil is phenomenal and Carlson's makes the best. My daughter and I favor the orange flavored version. It served me well when I was pregnant too. I used to take the capsules but learned the liquid gets straight into you system easier.

  12. My family is from Trinidad. You just brought back bad memories of Cod Liver Oil and SS Tonic...lol. But it is really good for you. I MAY consider reinstituting the routine.

  13. First Lemmie say that I LOVEEEEEE your blog but I noticed that you mentioned using Vitamin A for treating acne, but for women who are pregnant or considering ever getting pregnant vitamin A is very dangerous as it hides in the fat cells in the body and can cause severe birth defects possibly even in the long run.( my midwife warned me of this during my pregnancy).
    Once again I loveeee the blog and the recipes are killer!!!.

    Found this for anyone who is interested in finding out more.
    15,000 to 25,000 IU retinol a day for adults (2,000 IU or more for children) may lead to liver damage, headache, vomiting, abnormal vision, constipation, hair loss, loss of appetite, low-grade fever, bone pain, sleep disorders, and dry skin and mucous membranes. A pregnant woman who takes more than 10,000 IU a day doubles her risk of giving birth to a child with birth defects.

    Read more: http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/the-dangers-of-vitamin-megadoses.html#ixzz0vbNJvSS3

  14. When did you start taking Cod Liver? I too love your blog...thanks for the inspiration!

  15. I just featured you on my blog, www.bestlifeyoga. com.
    Being a vegan, I take the wheat germ oil rich in vitamin E. I am feel awesome. Thank you thank you.

  16. Ahh, I remember having to take Cod Liver Oil when I was a child. My pop swore by it for my stomach ailments. I eventually got used to the taste.

    I might reintroduce it into me diet. It's worth a try.

  17. Just picked up a bottle yesterday...98 more days to go and hopefully my acne prone face will thank me for it :)

  18. Yuck, yuck, yuck!!! Lol. I'm from the Caribbean and my dad used to make us drink this stuff and and not forgetting the dreadful SSS tonic every morning. I remember us switching to the codliver oil capsules which started out ok, but by midmorning while in class it will burst inside your stomach and that smell, oh boy!!! Ahh memories.

  19. Question - I take a multivitamin, should I stop taking it now that I want to try this? I dont want to over dose on Vitamin A...what do you think?


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