Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pix: Lo & I Take on Downtown L.A

Last weekend, Lo and I took a little trip Downtown to do some goofing off! Here are some of my favorite places to go when I make the trek to Downtown L.A:

1. The Alley: - Entrance on 12th & Santee
This place is not for the faint of hearts. I'm going to be honest here; it can get hot, stuffy, crowded, and just plain icky. But if you can get passed all of that, you can snag really killer deals. Granted nothing down here is name-brand; however if you are used to shopping at places like Forever 21, H&M, and the likes; they offer the same selections, at a fraction of the cost.- You can find t-shirts and tunics from $2-10, shorts from $5-10, and dresses from $2-10. You can also get good deals on shoes that range from $5-20.
-Never settle on the first price you are quoted, this type of environment is conducive to haggling. If you don't feel comfortable naming your own price, ask them if that is the best they can do. Normally they will change their tune.
-Pay with cash to avoid being charged sales-tax!
-If you are shopping with a friend, "combine" your purchases to receive more of a discount.

This is hands down one of my favorite places to grab a bite to eat when I am downtown. Bottega Louie is a swanky restaurant with a New York ambiance that boasts a modern aesthetic, floor to ceiling windows, a fresh deli, and a yummy selection of vittles. The venue is beautiful, the staff is beautiful, and the people that eat there are beautiful. Nuff said, it's a perfect place to eat, and people watch if you are in to that kind of thing.

This is one of my favorite places to get inspiration, most of the installments there are conceptual, and therefore spark some sort of conversation, and thought. Regular admission is $10, however if you are a student, they do offer admission for $5
Admission is FREE every Thursday after 5PM

4. Olvera Street - 845 N Alameda
Which is where these photos were taken. I love to take in the culture, and of course SHOP! Ethnic pieces are really in right now, however they can be a tad expensive. I love Olvera St. because you can get the trendy pieces like Moccasin's, Tooled Leather Purses, Poncho's, Jewelry, and Hats for little of nothing. Seriously, I spotted an amazing leather satchel for about $15 bucks [yup, it was leather].

This is another one of my favorite places to grab a bite to eat when I am Downtown! I love the hustle & bustle of this place, they have everything from fresh produce, to dried goods and spices, fresh meat & poultry, and the usual selection of multi-cultural eats.
They are only open between 9-6pm MON-SUN, so stop by early to get the freshest selection!

 Where are some of your favorite places to visit when you go Downtown?


  1. I love the shoots you guys have together! More friends should do this...

  2. ya'lls hair is just tooooo epic! love it :D what a fly duo

  3. Love your carefree attitude. You guys are so fun! Best Downtown Places:

    1. Cicada
    2. Yang Chow's
    3. Ciudad
    4. Skating in Pershing Square
    5. Tea at the Millenium Biltmore Hotel
    6. Brazilian BBQ at M Grill.

    I second the Grand Central Market. Ohh and concerts at California Plaza.

  4. The top picture is striking! I'm loving all the red in your outfit too. I have to say you are truly inspirational, your blog has seriously inspired me to do soo much recently <3

  5. Good lookin on Bottega Louie's!.. I have telling people about this place for about a year now it really does have a great feel to it,its being in N.Y. right in the middle of L.A. lol.. next time your there try the goat cheese and beets,and tell me what you think :0) -Becka

  6. oh yay!!!! welcome to LA!!!! :)

  7. I love visiting The Association in Downtown (I think it's on 7th and Spring). You have to try the French 75 :)

  8. I love Bottega. Those portobello friessssssssssssssss!!! BUT, all hands down, my favorite place to get food is Philippe's (across from Union Station). French.Dips.

    Haven't been to Olvera in a while. I need to go soon. =D

  9. Beautiful pics., like always! You two looked fierce!

  10. you and lo are always going on short breaks! how do you keep so stylish on short trips with out bringing a ton of laguage with you? i'm going on a mini break soon and i always end up taking to much how do i lighten my load and still look fierce? help! lol
    you both look beautiful as usual x0x0

  11. I had no idea you were in L.A. I'm a Philly transplant living in La Verne with my hubby and two sons. I'll have to trek down there some time soon.

  12. Wow you look great!!


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