Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fall Is Slowly Approaching; My Zara Haul

A few days ago I picked up a few things from Zara to start building my winter wardrobe. Zara is one of the few places I love to shop at during the winter months because they have the best selection; more than just your run of the mill choices of cotton tees and plain denim.

Excuse the crappy picture quality, my light setup was all kinds of crazy last night!

Here are a few of the things I purchased:

- I snagged this Pleather Motorcycle Jacket because I love mustard colored anything! It always adds a nice splash of color to even the most basic of pieces!
- The floral shirt was a steal at 9.99, and makes for a good layering piece - For layering pieces I care more about the pattern/color then I do the actual style.
- This little petticoat was also something I had to have; I like pairing them with pieces that have a bit of "edge" for that feminine/edgy juxtaposition. 

- I was a bit iffy about this dress because it really has no shape to it; It definitely needs some sort of blazer/jacket/layering piece to make it more interesting.
- This will probably be one of my favorite jackets, I love the 3/4 length sleeves, and the over-sized lapels.

- I have always loved crisp white shirts, and blazers! If there is one thing Zara has a lot of; it's "business attire" - I picked up these funky trousers because I love the fit!
- The blazer is cool because it has suede on the elbows! That sold me!

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  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of the looks. Especially the blazer & trousers!

  2. Look at you lil Model girl!! lol.. Very cute!!

  3. Gurl you look fabulous from head to toe! Love the earrings, the two mustard colored jackets,and the tights! On the other hand, I'm in no rush for Fall, I love the hot weather lol

  4. I love the last look! The colors are so earthy, the look is so clean, wow me gusta mucho :)

  5. The blazer and the business!

  6. Zara is like my all time favorite clothing line. I wish I could afford their stuff ( :

  7. I see you're up on the camel trend this fall. I love it!

  8. You found some cool pieces. I love crisp white shirts & blouses, I picked up a few already from different shops, and I can't wait pair them up with blazers & anything with a bold print this fall/winter season.

    Zara is Fab!


  9. The white blouse is giving me everything! I love your style:)

  10. I'm so loving the last selection...white mens shirt, pants and blazer!

  11. My fav is the last outfit! It looks sharp! I can't wait till fall so that I can rock my blazers and layer my clothes again. Too bad it's only one season away from winter though...

  12. Molovefive9:
    Your style is sick (in a good way). You look nice in everything you wear. Thanks for posting!

  13. Zara does have the cool stuff.

    I just bought a blazer and a vest from there.
    When they have sales, they are really good.

    You are definitely ready for the fall!

  14. I have to high-jack your closet, we're like the same size with similar styles!

  15. Your hair in the second picture is beautiful. Half up half down? Pin the sides? Spill it please!!

  16. I just spent way too much $ at Zara last week in anticipation for fall. Between them and JCrew, I'll have Marant & Celine's look on lock. I'm so geeked for October! I live in atl, so that's the soonest it'll be cool enough for blazers and boots. :-(

  17. You are KILLIN' it in those last two photos! I love Zara.

  18. @ShandyLand; Thank you! That is one of my favorite's as well!

    @Tina; Ha! Thank you very much!

    @Kimmoy; Thank you! The earrings are vintage, scored them for pennies at an estate sale.

    @JIN; Thanks chica!

    @Fashion Rehab; Thank you very much!

    @BeautyXchangeGirl; One of my favorites as well! Thank you for the compliment!

    @imblessed26; Thank you!

    @M I N G; Mine too, and they are a tad expensive; I only go a few times a year!

    @The Audacity of Color; Oh yes! Thank you!

    @Morgan-Ashley; Thank yo
    u! Nice to know someone else appreciates a nice crisp white shirt! They are understated yet classic.

    @Anonymous; Thank you very much!

    @"Chatty Patty"; Thank you! One of my favorites of the bunch as well!

    @Latoya; Thanks sis! It's my fav too!

    @Anonymous; Thank you for the wonderful compliment!

    @Natural Hair Care; You are right about that; when they have sales, they sure do know how to mark those prices down! LOL - Thanks for stopping by!

    @Terra D; Ha! Let me see what you have!! Maybe we can trade...lolllll

    @Anonymous; Thank you; my hair is just pinned on both side with small bobby pins. I suppose I can do a quick tutorial! I need to do more vids anyway! LOL

    @Brandy; Hello fashionista!!! I love both stores too!

    @Dobe; Thank you! I love them too!

  19. Great fall Fashion Love them all!

  20. Love the fall addition to the wardrobe!!

  21. Yay! A tutorial!
    (And yes i'm the same anonymous person.)

  22. From Molovefive9
    Ger-ra, has anyone ever told you that you resemble Garcelle Beauvais (from Jamie Foxx show). You are so pretty. I check out your blog daily. Pe@ce and Blessing!

  23. I LOVE that blazer. You last outfit was my fave.
    Very nice!! :

  24. I love all of the looks, very cute!

  25. this post made me appreciate a crisp white button down,lol for some reason I always thought they were boring but it looks great on you!

  26. i luv mustard and it looks great in your fall lineup.

  27. Zara is such a beautiful castle. I love that place


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