Friday, August 6, 2010

Blow Outs | Curly Fro's & Twist Outs!

Yesterday I posted a list of my staple products, so today I wanted to give you a little curlspiration to start your weekend off right! Here's my take on each of these looks:

Blow Out: 
Use an Ionic blow dryer: I recommend all curly girls invest in a ionic blow dryer! Ionic dryers produce negative ions, resulting in cuticles that remain flat. Flat cuticles equals more moisture retention, sheen, and body.
Denman Brush: I love this tool for sleek for blow outs, I actually prefer this for blowing out hair versus using it as a detangling brush. It provides great "grip" ensuring a nice smooth, sleek finish.

Full Curly Fro/Twist Out:
If your hair is anything like mine, well then it takes major prodding for it to get somewhat of a decent curl. For more of a fuller look, make smaller twists and allow to dry 75%. Then unravel twists, and diffuse the roots of your hair using the medium heat setting until your hair is the desired fullness. [as you diffuse, it should get big]
Komaza Coconut Curl Pudding & Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding are two of my favorite products to use for a look like this. I find that these products work best for me when I want to achieve bigger, more free flowing hair, as opposed to butter-based products which tend to weigh my hair down a bit.

Fro-Licious Fro's:
This isn't about curl definition, or perfection. This is an unapologetic in-your-face fro. Start off on freshly towel dried hair, and make about 4 sections. Detangle each section, and use a good creamy leave-in conditioner, followed by your favorite heavy moisturizer.
Qhemet Amla & Olive Heavy Creme & Oyin's Whipped Pudding are two of my favorite products I deem extremely moisturizing. Some good leave-ins are Paul Mitchell, The Conditioner & Karen's Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia [formally known as hair milk] <-Love using this as a leave-in

Wash N Go's:
There are many methods to achieving a fabulous wash n go; so I will focus more on my favorite tools.
Microfiber Towel [or you can try the budget fashionista method of using an old t-shirt] - I recommend every gal own a microfiber towel. I use this to gently wring out my hair before applying my hair gel. - Using a regular towel causes frizzy hair, but it can also cause split ends as well. You want to take care not to disrupt your curl pattern as you towel dry, which is why a microfiber towel/t-shirt will be your best friend!
Denman Brush: I tried raking product through my hair with a Denman brush [after my hair has been thoroughly detangled], and was pleasantly surprised by the results. Instant popping of the curls ladies and gents!
Eco Styler Gel w/Olive Oil: Pretty much the only thing that has consistently given me a decent wash n go! Check out my mini review/pics here: To check out my wash and go method, watch this video!

I think I am going to break out the diffuser and do a massive curly-fro this weekend!  What are you doing to your hair this weekend?

 All pics courtesy of KurlyKinkyKeekeers

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  1. Thank You for this post. I am going to rock a curly fro this weekend!

  2. i want to try that coconut curl cream!! sounds yummy

  3. Girl with the colorful dress and black bag has shoes to DIE FOR! [pink lace up wedges]


  4. I totally wish that I could make my hair stay in a fully blown out afro! My hair is going through a weird phaze or something, it curls so fast from moisture and heat (not complaining.) haha!

    In my post "I've been dipped in a crayon box!" ...that's about as close as I can get to a fro...and I sprayed the hek out of my hair with holding spray between every other few shots just so it would hold lol!

    But, cool post, I love the inspiration!


  5. Thanks for the hairspiration. Great pics!

  6. I'm loving the curlspiration. I swear by tourmaline ionic technology in blow dryers and flat irons. About 10 months before my wedding, I had to cut my hair because my old blow-dryer fried my hair. I switched to a tourmaline ionic blow dryer. Not only did my hair grow back , but it was the healthiest it has ever been. Now that I've cut of my hair and transitioning, it is the key to getting a straight style with retained moisture. Every girl should have one.

    I heard that you can also dry your hair with an old t-shirt to avoid frizzies.

  7. Ok.. so I missed the t-shirt part. (I noticed as I reread.) I'm not in the market for a denman brush yet, but what size do you recommend? Different people recommend different sizes. And I heard that if you get the wrong size, it can pull out a lot of your hair.

  8. Just started my natural hair transition a month ago (after seeing your blog, I just had to go natural!), but I can't wait until I can rock my hair in these styles!

    I have a quick question. I have thin edges and I'm afraid that if they don't grow back full enough, they'll be even more noticeable once I'm 100% natural. I've heard that cinnamon extract can help with this as well as scalp exfoliation. Do you know if this is true? If so, do you have any "mixtress" recipes for an all natural scalp exfoliating scrub?


  9. i will be braiding my small afro into little braids to be tucked under a protective quick weave

  10. I love this. The life that you capture with your photos just make me want to be where you are lol! Love your hair, style and blog, so fab!

  11. This girl's hairstyle in the second to last picture is super cute. I'm gonna have to figure that out to add to my winter updos!

  12. Wow love this!! Amazing!!

  13. awesome beautiful fro's!

  14. @ E, I had thin edges due to relaxing and going natural helped my edges grow back in (although I doubt theyll ever be 100%... I'm 9 yrs natural btw). Going natural actually made my hair appear thicker in those areas. The best way, in my opinion to encourage growth in areas that have been chemically burned is to stop using chems (and that prolly includes color, too). Just my opinion...

  15. I'm very simple when it comes to my hair, simple products.. and not many either. This weekend I actually took the time to trim my hair :] It's been a long time since I last did it, but my hair always looks its best after a good trim.

  16. I LOVE these. I always feel like my hair isn't big enough to get the curly curls, my twist-outs usually just yield loose waves.

  17. Great pic and tips. These girls all rock.
    When I do wear my natural hair, I like twist outs the best.

  18. Now I want to dye my hair honey blond! love the pics!

  19. all the curly afros are gorgeous. i love to see african american women rocking their beautiful natural hair.

  20. Your hair is amazing!!!

  21. The fifth picture is a friend of mine from high school! Miss you Keke!

  22. Hey, I know the girl in the second to the last picture. She has AWESOME hair and an AWESOME wardrobe. She's also very nice.


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