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Beauty & Skin Ethos | Skin Quick Tip: 5 Tips To Fade Dark Blemishes!

Alek Wek has the most beautiful skin I have ever seen! [source:]

Tired of spending money on skin care products chock full of hard-to-pronounce ingredients that do more harm than good? Here are a few quick, easy, and most importantly effective natural solutions to fade unsightly blemishes!

Fruit Scrub Formulated with Alpha & Beta Hydroxy Acids: Alpha & Beta Hydroxy Acids are extremely helpful in fading dark spots, as well as evening out skin complexion. Specialty products formulated with Alpha & Beta Hydroxy Acids usually start at $20 on up. Save your cash, and formulate your own products at home for a fraction of the cost; as these acids are easily found in Apples, Oranges, and Grapefruit at your local supermarket. - Take one apple, orange, lemon and puree in a blender. Mix in about 1/3 cup of fine raw cane sugar [the glycolic acid found in cane sugar helps minimize wrinkles, even skin pigmentation, and gently exfoliate skin], and apply the mask to your face. Gently massage mixture into skin, and allow the mask to sit for about 15 minutes, then rinse with cool water. [use 1-2 weekly]

Vitamin E Oil: Apply Vitamin E Oil to face nightly to help fade blemishes, and protect the skin from additional post inflammatory breakouts caused by acne. You can purchase vitamin E capsule's, puncture them, and use the oil from the capsule. [use twice daily]

Lemon Juice + Manuka Honey mixture: Lemon juice has long been praised for it's ability to lighten dark blemishes. - Apply lemon juice to affected area, allow to dry, then apply a small amount of Manuka honey over the area you applied the lemon. Manuka honey is naturally enriched with lactic acid which is very helpful in lightening skin blemishes. Manuka honey also has strong medicinal and antibacterial properties which makes it very effective in eliminating issues with acne, and maintaining an even skin complexion [use twice daily].

Tip: Manuka Honey can be found in most health food stores. I purchase mine from Vitamin Shoppe

Sour Milk Treatment: This treatment is similar to a low-grade chemical peel, as the lactic acid acts as a natural exfoliant, and skin brightener. Apply sour milk nightly to entire face, allow to dry, then rinse well with cool water. 

Lemon Juice + Multani Mati Mix: Mix enough lemon juice with Multani Mati Powder to make a thick paste; then apply the mixture onto each spot, allow to dry thoroughly, and rinse with cool water. You can use this mixture on your elbows, knees, as well as your face! - Fuller's Earth powder is enriched with silica, iron oxide, lime, as well as magnesia and is a skin-clearing/brightening powerhouse. It gently removes dirt/toxins, draws out excess oils, and helps lighten dark spots caused by acne. [use twice daily]

Tip: If you can't find Multani Mati in your local Indian Grocery Store, try a health food store for Fuller's Earth powder [as they are one in the same].

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  1. I REALLY needed these tips, because my skin is very wonky and spotted from past and current acne. such a shame, I hate it! So I will try out that lemon juice and honey recipe :D

    Socialite Dreams' Blog

  2. This is an EXCELLENT post. The fact that I can make these kinds of items on the cheap is just everything that I'm about right now. Thank you so much!

  3. Thanks for this! Due to a hormonal change my skin went crazy too. I have a few dark spots that I can't wait to see gone and have my skin back to its former wonderfulness.

    I'm going to put the Ambi and Aveeno aside for a bit and try this.

  4. Thanks Nikole ;0) I was just putting lemon juice in water for my fish tonight I think I may try it on my face lol

  5. I've just started using raw African Black Soap this week and absolutely love it! Plus, it looks like a big, chocolatey fudge brownie! My boyfriend's starting to use it too.

  6. Great post! I just love DIY beauty products and have yet to try any of these. Thanks for the info!


  7. vonnie; Thank you! Definitely try this Vonnie, it's natural and effective, I hope you have stellar results!

    @Califia's Lap; Thank you! That's what it's all about! Cheap, effective, and natural!

    @Bri; Thank you! You may be pleasantly far these natural remedies have worked better than the Dermalogica I paid an arm and a leg for!

    @Dasheen Magazine; You are welcome!

    @Lipstick Diva; Ha Ha Ha!!!

    @Napfrocurlzgirl; I have always wanted to try it, however I am stumped as to what brand to try!

    @L ~DIY Diva~; Thank you very much!

  8. a little unclear on the sour milk part. sorry, i'm a little slow

  9. When you place the fruit in the blender, do you just cut them up into smaller pieces? Should I remove the skin and seeds?

  10. Wow...this is great!! I have acquired several dark spots this summer due to mosquito bites...I hope this helps :-)


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