Monday, August 23, 2010

Beauty Ethos: My Top Three Powder Blush Picks

When it comes to makeup, I have a pretty hard time finding blush that compliments my skin tone. The colors are either ashy against my skin, or practically non-existent. These are three of my absolute faves when it comes to powder blush; they may be a bit on the pricey side, but they are well worth their weight in gold. 
Nars Super Orgasm [$26] - This is a follow up to their best seller "Orgasm", and one of my favorite colors to wear when I want more of a clean, glowy look. The sheer coverage makes it the perfect pink for those on the lighter side, as well as us chocolaty girls! I also like to put a little bit of this color down the bridge of my nose, the center of my forehead, and the center of my chin because it makes an amazing highlighter. This flirty, shimmery, pink goes perfect with nude or muted pink lips.- I am wearing Nars Giza Lip Gloss.

Nars Torrid [$26] - This is more of a deep pinky color that also compliments most skin tones. I love to wear this with bold pink lips, as well as nude lipgloss. This blush offers what I call "buildable color", you can wear less for more of a sheer, natural glow, or you can layer it on [as pictured] for more intensity. This blush also makes the perfect accessory to smokey eyes as well! - I am wearing Intriguing Matte Lip Color by Stila
MAC Raizin [$18.50]: This is the perfect choice for those wishing to add a bit more color to their cheeks without going the pink route. This color looks amazing on darker skin tones, and enhances cheek bones quite nicely. Because the color is a little on the darker side, I reserve this for more dramatic looks. - I am wearing my NSFW Lip Tar by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.

Hair Clip Courtesy of Ododo Originals!- My hair is styled in a twist-out, and the tutorial for that can be found here!

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  1. I'm expecting Torrid in the mail in a couple of days. I can't wait! I love all of these blushes on you! Have you tried/do you like Nars Exhibit A? It looks scary in the case but I think it would look amazing on you!

  2. yes, I love NARS!
    NARS - I wear Exhibit A - it's great on dark skin. =)

  3. I'm a Nars lover as well, just tried sin and love it too. I never thought of using the raizin but may pick it up on my next MAC trip.

  4. So many people have raved about MAC Raizin - I Must try it out. I never liked Nars' orgasm as I felt it was too glittery although I have to say it looks amazing on you :)

  5. They all look great on you. Hot lipstick colors too.

  6. stunning! Nars does right by black women 90% of the time. I love Exhibit A and Taos but I must try Torrid.

  7. Your hair looks soo good in those pics!!

  8. lovely. I wear Raizin! it is superb

  9. Found your blog a couple of days ago and love,love, LOVEEEEEEE!!!! I am going to get MAC Raizan asap! Been looking for a good blush...

  10. Hi Nik - They all look beautiful on you. I discovered Hollywood by Lorac -luvs it! Check it out:-)

  11. Love all three!!they look gorgeous on you

  12. I have to say, I'm so in loveeeee with your blog too =) Just discovered it this past weekend & I can't wait to try copying one of your braid-outs! I've been looking for a way to define and wear my hair out with curls, but every other wash, set, & go routine I've read about has failed. It might be odd, but never once did I think of the braid-out, twist-out as an aiding technique. You truly are an inspiration, so thank you! Again, LOVEEE your blog & can't wait to keep reading more from you =)

  13. Nikole, I loved all three. Have to get the MAC Raizan. How did you do your hair in those pics? It looks AMAZING!!!!!!

  14. I am acounter manager at a Bobbi Brown counter in Los Angeles and her blushes look amazing on us. My favorite is Apriot. Aside from looking amazing they stay put all day which has always been a problem of mine with other cosmetic lines. I need to send you one so you can review it on your site. Also YSL has an amazing orange blush that shows us as coral on us.

  15. i LOVE LOVE LOVE Mac's Raizin..&& Mac's Peaches!!

  16. All 3 blushes look gorgeous on you :)

  17. your twist out is soooooo nice!

  18. yay, thanks a lot. I'm a newbie to your blog, would love for you to review foundation/concealer and illuminator for ladies of color.

  19. @Davina916; Thank you!

    @La:Dolce:Vita Fashion Fix; Thank you!

    @Elle; Oooh I hope you love your blush! I have never tried Exhibit A, but maybe that warrants a trip to my local Sephora!

    @cami; gonna try that one out!

    @Stepha; Nars is amazing, I just discovered it last year [I know; what rock have I been hiding under] - MAC's Raizin is the perfect deep rose for our skin! Definitely give it a try

    @Martha; Thank you! And it is a little on the glittery side..he he he! Definitely give Mac's raizin a shot!

    @Sing; Thank you so much!

    @Andrea; Thank you! I agree; I give them 90% too! I am going to have to try this exhibit A, as I see a lot of folks on here raving about it!

    @Takeysha; Thank you!

    @laurennicolle; Thank you! And yaay! Another Raizin fan in the house!

    @Mocha; Thank you very much for the compliment! Check out that blush girly!

    @S; Thank you! I will definitely try it out, I have never tried Lorac, but I have been very curious about it!

    @Chic Therapy; Thank you!

    @Anonymous; Thank you very much for the compliment!! It is much appreciated! Please let me know how the braid-outs turn out!

    @Hillerie Camille; Thank you! Check out my new Youtube tutorial! I filmed it the same day I took those's the same exact twist out - I just pinned it on one side!

    @bailey; I have never tried BB blush, but definitely wouldn't mind doing a review!

    @Nickki B. MAC's peaches huh? Gotta look it up1 I am always on the hunt for new stuff!

    @Zoë; Thank you so much!

    @ValeriesWorld; Thank you!!

    @Latasha; Thank you Latasha!

    @Huda; Will do, sounds like a plan! Thank you for the support as well :-)

  20. i'm gonna have to try nars super orgasm..i've always wanted to but thought it might be too looks great on you & we have about the same skin tone cant wait to try it out!

  21. MAC Raizin was the first blush I ever tried, and I love it! I will have to try the NARS SO, that is beautiful on you.

  22. Amazing! Your make-up is impeccable and your hair is ridicouly gorgeous!! Kudos

  23. They all are beautiful I love the first and third. Hair is great too :)


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