Monday, July 26, 2010

Pix From The Concert!

Here are some pics from the concert this past Friday! If you've never experienced Bilal live, I recommend you add it to your bucket list; you won't be disappointed.

 Whilst there, I spotted some folks w/dope style

I loved their necklaces; the gentlemen on the right is the designer behind the Los Angeles based jewelry line Browne & Co. Limited quantities are available @Fred Segal in L.A

 Later on that night, we decided to go to Kiss N Grind to hear Vikter Duplaix spin!

We laughed, and danced the night away!

Necklaces: DIY
Belt: Thrifted
Clutch: Thrifted
Shorts: Thrifted
Jewelry: Forever 21


  1. I am absolutely in love with how well your top goes with your necklaces. I saw the pics on Lo's blog and wondered if you made them yourself.

  2. Did you make those necklaces? Gorgeous. Both of you look like you had a great time.

  3. I have fallen madly in love with the shirt that you are wearing in those pics!!! The colors are so vibrant!!!

  4. I LOVE Bilal!! Hope to experience hearing him live one day :]

  5. Vikter Duplaix!!! Bilal!!! In one night!!! *speechless swooning*

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  7. Miss Fizzy said it! Vikter Duplaix & Bilal in one night!!! I love the Kiss N Grind Events. Great interview w/ Bilal and congrats on ur blog accomplishments thus far. I saw a post that you and Lo were featured in on Coco & Creme along with some of my other fav Black fashion bloggers. You and Lo are are so inspirational. Continue to follow your dreams and reach for the stars... I know I will. :-)

  8. What lipstick is Lo wearing? I need it my life!

  9. Lots of great style! very colorful.
    the bright lipstick suits you gals well. So much for myths eh?

  10. Can we get a DIY necklace Tut???

  11. how did you make this fabulous necklace???
    can we have tutorial of it???
    Great blog. i love it.

  12. Looking fab as usual...come on now hook us with a tut for those awesome necklaces!!

  13. great photos as always. i am partial to those 'Africana' necklaces you 've got on .... especially love how you have updated this beloved African piece into a modern look. i fondly remember wearing these on the hips while dancing as a little girl with my Grandmum :)

    btw....saw you and Lo on Coco & well deserved for the pair of you! was soo elated to see you fabulous girls featured!!

    stay fabulous!:)

  14. @Latoya Thank you very much!

    @juvenescent I did! Thank you, we had a wonderful time!

    @Mystic Jungle Thank you very much!

    @LadyTaurus I love him too! And you must experience his live show!

    @Miss Fizzy I am going to use that line *speechless swooning* ha ha ha! Glad to see you have great taste in music!

    @Encourage and Uplift Thank You

    @UrbanGlamGyrl Thank you very, very much! Let me know the next time you go to one of his events!

    @Efe Lo is wearing Schiap by Nars!

    @Alexandra Thank you so much!!!

    @YupGotARetroSoul I need to find a place locally where you all would be able to get those components, so that it would be able to come out similar. Those were disks I had shipped to me from Africa for my jewelry line. - When I find a US supplier [or find a way that you could make the disks], I will post a tut!

    @Lola Re Thank You!

    @The CultureCynic Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I am coming to your city soon, and we must connect while I am there!

  15. GREAT PICS!! How old/new is that bcbg shirt?? Its HOTT!

  16. You and Lo look amazing. And I'm also quite jealous since Bilal is my imaginary troubadour -- but I've never seen him live! Thats definitely next on the list.


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