Monday, July 12, 2010

Hair 101 - My Self Trim

[Four sections] The right side is trimmed, the left isn't. I left my bangs as-is
Please forgive my pathetic face in these photos, it was early; and I hate waking up early. Last week I mentioned I wanted to trim a few inches off of my hair to give it more volume, and to rid myself of those ends I have been holding on to. I decided it would be easier if I straightened my hair, because honestly trimming my hair in it's natural state is a pain for me the longer it gets. I just did a basic light, fluffy press to straighten my hair out just enough to get the cut as even as I could.

 After the trim

Because my hair still isn't all one length, I find it easier to trim my hair while it's in ponytails. I part my hair horizontally, then again vertically, and I separate each section with a ponytail holder.  It doesn't give me a super even cut [more like a soft u shape], however as crude as the technique is, it does the job. I start by trimming the longest layers in each ponytail, then I trim the shortest layers. This time around I decided to take about 2.5 inches off all around. I plan on doing a braid out this week so I can't wait to see the difference the mini-cut has made.

If you plan on self-trimming, invest in GOOD scissors, I can't stress this enough. Dull scissors or scissors that aren't designed for cutting hair can actually damage hair by causing split ends. If you notice that your scissors, bend, tug, or "chews" on your hair, it is safe to say they aren't sharp enough.

There are also two different types of blades, CONVEX blades which are good for a clean, smooth cut, and BEVELED blades which have a serrated edge and are best for layered cuts. I also use a long blade opposed to a smaller one because they are better suited for cutting thick hair. Also remember to always clean your shears after each use, and store them in a dry environment to prevent moisture buildup [moisture on your shears can result in rust].

Here is a site that some of you may find useful, she illustrates numerous methods for self-trimming. Feye's methods are very popular in the hair forums, however I find them difficult because my hair is not all one length as of yet.


  1. Your hair's just so beautiful. The one thing I'm learning from you is patience. I'm just waiting for my hair to reach that length. Hopefully in two years that'll happen. Take care.

  2. Your hair is fantastic! I wish to get your thickness. I like your trimming method...did you part your hair down the middle before sectioning into four parts?

  3. Did you wear a lot of protective styles to achieve your length or did you rely on a sound regimine?

  4. Very healthy beautiful hair. I'm so afraid of doing this but one day I will master it. great post.

  5. Great post on trimming. I'm actually in transition and I've been snipping them away little by little. I bought a nice pair of sheers from sally's but I can't wait until it grows to a comfortable length so I can chop off all those relaxed ends. Thanks for sharing!

  6. great advice about scissors! i self-trim, too, but i do mine in 2 pony tails/sections instead of 4.

    your hair is beautiful!

  7. What kind of protective styles did you when transitionings?

    Your hair is very long and beautiful!!!
    I'm learning to be patient...that's very important.

    I visit your blog a lot. Thanks for the ideas you have posted

  8. That macaroni and cheese looks so delicious
    Your hair is so healthy I love it. You are beautiful!
    I plan on self-trimming in the future so these tips were really beneficial, love your blog

  9. Excellent job. Your hair looks even to me.

  10. @YankeeNaija Thank you so much! Yes indeed, patience is key!

    @Pet Thank you! And yes I did part my hair down the center!

    @Kaye Not at all, protective styling wasn't really my thing. I attribute my growth retention to my regimen

    @Hell Notes for Beauty™ Thank you! Take the plunge, it is pretty easy!

    @Lipstick Diva; You are welcome, thanks for reading. Thank you! I am going to have to try the two pony method!

    @Chevon Thank you for the compliment chevon, I didn't really do protective styling, I didn't start my healthy hair care regimen until late 2008, and at that time I was already natural.

    @j.danielle Thank you very much for the compliments!

    @Heat Styled Natural; Thank you!

  11. Am I the only one hoping a tutorial on pressing hair is in the works? Pleaaaaaaaaase!

  12. I have many friends that have "gone natural". These friends of mine have been trying to convince me to do the same for at least two years. It wasn't until I discovered your blog on another site that I am convinced that I can do it. I just really don't want to cut my hair off. No Bueno. Do you have any suggestions??

  13. What type of shears do you use? Is there a brand you like or prefer? Thanks for posting, I'm researching before I trim mine.


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