Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We Are All Faced With A Series Of Great Opportunities Brilliantly Disguised As Impossible Situations. - Charles R. Swindoll

 The waiter told me to prepare myself for the best hot cocoa ever....he was right!

Lo and I had yet another meeting of the minds last night. This time the meeting commenced at Bricks & Scones, my new favorite Larchmont hang-out. This cafe boasts a beautiful garden setting, free wifi, and a laid back attitude that makes you feel like you can settle in for hours. Not to mention the prices are so low, you don't think twice about asking for seconds.

Part of this meeting was all about letting go of our attachment to "material possessions". We both agreed that it was time to do some material downsizing. I have a tendency to hold on to objects because they make me feel comfortable or secure, however holding on to "things" that no longer have a value in my life seldom satisfies my need for true happiness and fulfillment. It is only when I remove those inanimate objects and replace them with positive, substantial feelings and emotions that I will truly be free.

We are both making a conscious effort to fill our spaces with only the things we need, as this will lead to us having more of a practical relationship with "material possessions" versus being dependent on them.

Love the outside! 



My indulgence for the day, a mini carrot cupcake!

Wearing: Hat: Vintage + Dress: Forever 21 + Scarf: H&M + Bracelet: Aldo Accessories

403 N. Larchmont Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90004


  1. First, such a true statement. I tend to hold onto things because of the sentimental value I place on them. Then I have tons of stuff that it takes me forever to sort through. Case in point...my closet. It takes forever to find the gems among all the extras.

    Secon, I absolutely LOVE your vintage hat. It has such character!

  2. Love this post. This is so true for so many people including myself. I've only recently been okay with letting go of things that are simply taking up space and not just in the literal sense.

    Cute looks for both of you ladies.

  3. Look at you two and your Macbooks. I want one too! Lol. Sounds like a great meeting of the minds. That's a discussion we can all take something from. I'm not as attached to material things anymore but it was def a journey to get there. I used to be the biggest hoarder ever. Lol. PS That hot chocolate looks yummy!

  4. Great post, and so true. I find I need to do a clutter cleanse (both mental and physical) at least 3-4 times per year. It's amazing how much you realize you DON'T need something AFTER it's gone.



    Does this mean you'll be making some of your amazing vintage finds available for sale? :-)

  5. wow i so needed to be at this "meeting of the minds" with you two. i was cleaning my old room and closet at my granny's house cause my younger sister is moving back home, and i have all this stuff that i need to bring into my current apt and i have no clue where i am going to put all the stuff. i even sorted thru everything and had a pile of stuff for the goodwill, but i think i need to reassess my needs and get rid of some more items. i also need to really get focused and work on pursuing my passions more. at 30 years old i'm just now beginning to understand myself and work towards pursuing my dreams, however there are still some things i need to work thru... i need a mentor, LOL!


  6. oh and p.s. i luv Larchmont Cafe too!!! me and my mommy frequent the shops and restaurants on Larchmont. i luv the area and the atmosphere.


  7. I must say I LOVE your blog. You are beautiful and I love that you write about so many different topics. I only wish I had found your blog sooner because wow I definitely look forward to the posts all the time. Keep being so amazing and an inspiration to many, myself included.

  8. Luv the pics and I luv, luv the message of only keeping the things we really need. I believe that as we let go of things we make room for more, the things that are truly important to us. Thanks for the inspiration Nik!

  9. A simple life leaves more room for, living. I started doing this a few years back and couldn't be happier. It helped that I moved away from home and didn't feel the 'need' to live up to the lifestyle where more = happiness/success.

    You two ladies are great walking advertisements for red lipstick and I dont even like red that much...but this blog has me rethinking that!

    I also love that there are 2 women working together, in a positive and supportive environment.


    *hot chocolate fan here*

  10. I had heart palpitations when your picture scolled on my screen I love the outfit but especially the hat!!!!

  11. Lovely. I don't know why but i feel a certain kindred spirit toward your and LO. I love seeing beautiful girls who are also Brilliant in mind and perspective. In this culture where we obsess over trivial fashion trends and investing in things rather than ideas, it is refreshing to see women who are not consumed by it but rather try to rise above it. Keep up the work.

  12. The CultureCynic stole my thoughts right out of my head. I am loving you and Lo. Best girlfriends are God's little sunshine everyday. You had me at hello! Blog on

  13. I love your website; you have tons of very useful information! I love living vicariously through you in thrifting, and you're super creative, which I love. I know this blog is mainly about you, but I can't help to experience hair envy when I see photos of your friend, Lo. Would there be any way that you could do a spotlight on her? I'd love to know her regimen; I've got hair that is around the same texture as hers but mine is no where near as long. :-) Thanks bunches, and keep on inspiring!

  14. I love your blog and want to second a request for Lo's regimen. My hair is a similar texture and I would love to know how she maintains it and keeps it looking gorgeous! Thanks!

  15. @Latoya Thank you Latoya! I purchased it on Ebay - I too have issues looking through things in my closet, and I just have clothes all over the place. Time for them to go!

    @Afrikan Latina Thank you!Letting go of things that are taking up space is definitely liberating!

    @Milan Get one, it will be the last computer you ever buy! They are built to last :-) - And I used to be the biggest hoarder as well, I swear getting rid of things was like ripping out a piece of my soul. LOLLLL

    @Closet Confections I love how you put that, as I tend to realize I didn't need whatever I was holding on to AFTER I finally got rid of it. LOL And yes! I am going to put some stuff on Ebay sometime this weekend ;-)

    @UrbanGlamGyrl We need to link up one of these days since you are local! Letting go of things you have held on to for awhile is hard, but mandatory to make room for new things/memories!

    @Beverly Thank you very much, I appreciate the kind words!!

    @Encourage and Uplift Exactly, we make room for more meaningful memories, and we lose our need to have "stuff" fill whatever void we have in our lives.

    @mysskay Hello fellow hot cocoa fan! I totally feel you, especially here living in L.A it is easy to get caught up in trying to "keep up with the joneses".

    @Liz Ha! Thank you so much! I scored the hat from Ebay!

    @The CultureCynic Thank you so much chica! You couldn't have said it better, we have definitely become a nation that invests in trends rather than ideas. We need to hang out one of these days!! I love connecting with others who are traveling along the same plane [although I am not sure of your location, however I do get around]

    @IdreaminChanel Thank you so much :D

    @Anonymous Thank you very much!!! I will definitely do a spotlight on her hair, and hair regimen!

    @Cheeky will do!

  16. great post! very thoughtful :)

  17. I love the part about holding to material objects bc they bring about "comfort". SMH I have held on to sooo many things because for some reason, I just can't part with them.

    I'm really tempted to do some spring "summer" cleaning! Out with the old...

  18. @Nika Thank you!

    @Lipstick Diva; Thank you very much, it is one of my favorites!

    @Krys Definitely do some spring "summer" cleaning! LOL


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