Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Promise Me You'll Always Remember: You're Braver Than You Believe, And Stronger Than You Seem, And Smarter Than You Think - A.A Milne

I hope everyone had a fabulous three day weekend! A big thank you to all of our troops who put their lives on the line everyday, I truly appreciate the work you do each and every day!!!! My heart also goes out to the families of all of our brave fallen soldiers. -

As you can see my hair is still pressed. As it gets 'older', it starts to get more bouffant-ish, so it is at this time that I normally do a braid out, or Caruso set. This weekend, I opted for a Caruso set. I didn't leave the curlers in my hair that long [I normally leave them in for an hour], but it still gave me a bit of curl nonetheless.

If you try the Caruso set, make sure you have enough water in the component at all times [Keep the water level at the fill line]. This ensures that you get the same amount of hold throughout your entire head.

I scored this little bat-wing style shirt and clutch bag at an estate sale. I believe both items were a dollar. The skirt I picked up at Wasteland a year or so ago; I think it has been one of my favorite "wasteland" finds aside from this dress.

Even though there isn't yellow in my outfit. I chose the yellow bag for an unexpected splash of color. 

Big shoutout to Michael Britton of His Hers Chicago for the photo shoot!
Lace Top: H&M
Floral Blouse: Thrifted
Skirt: Thrifted
Tights: H&M
Purse: Thrifted
Booties: Jeffrey Campbell


  1. Super cute and I love the pop of color from the clutch.

  2. Never cut off your hair! You have hair that some of us pay £££'s for! It has so much natural body, so healthy and vibrant. Love how you played with the volumes here !

  3. Just wonderful!

  4. You look so good. Love the outfit. (really cute)

  5. loving your blog. thanks for following us :)
    your outfit is lovely so . cant believe you got some of the stuff for so cheap! and you shoes are gorgeous x

  6. Such a cute outfit. Great finds at that estate sale, too. $1?!?! Fantastic.

  7. This is just lovely. I am partial to the RED LIP u r working out o so beautifuly.

  8. always cute. i pray that it was not a windy day. you would have a marilyn monroe experience. lolollololol. like i said you look lovely

  9. You look amazing and the hair is perfect.

  10. How do you keep your hair from reverting back when you use steam rollers?

  11. Wastelaaaaaannnnd! God, I miss L.A!

    Love the hair; it's so THICK

  12. Your pictures look like they came from Vogue magazine, very chic and beautiful. I loooove your style.

  13. That hair is gorg. How do you keep the press n curl AND workout......In one of your posts I thought that I read that you worked out. Billy Blanks and press and curls do NOT go together.

  14. i like the look...

    i know this might sound stupid, but what is a Caruso Set?

  15. Yes, I LOVE Caruso rollers! I'm currently transitioning, and they have saved my hair on numerous occasions. Love the outfit, and thanks for the tip on estate sales. I'd never thought of going to one before I read your blog.


  16. Wow!!! You and your hair are seriously making me think twice about returning my new carusso set. I bought it about a month ago, and still haven't pulled them out the bag to use them! LOL Thanks for the inspiration! Your hair looks great:)

  17. @Living Fly on a Dime; Thank You!

    @Tobi; Thank you very much! I toyed with the idea of cutting it, but I don't think I will!!

    @Debrah; Thank You!

    @Fashion Rehab; Thank You! The skirt is one of my favs!

    @Southerners from the North; Thank you! Gotta love Jeffrey Campbell! I love bargain shopping, I am started to think I am addicted to finding sales! LOL

    @InnyVinny; Thank you! Yes..estate sales are my newest addiction...sadly enough.

    @The CultureCynic; Thank you! Ruby Woo is definitely one of my all time favorite reds.

    @JESUSGIRL2010; Thank goodness it wasn't! LOL Would have been very embarrassing.

    @Alexandria; Thank you!

    @Anonymous; I let the rollers DRY all the way before removing them. Other than that, make sure you don't leave the roller on the steam too long. You don't want the roller sopping wet as you roll your hair. You want just the right amount of steam...I think the longest I leave the roller on is about 8 seconds.

    @Chrissystina; Thanks Chica! Whenever you come out here, we need to hit up all your old places!!

    @Bee Thank you very much! Mike is a wonderful photographer

    @leggsnshoes; HA! @billy blanks, and press and curls! Honestly I just tie my hair up in a scarf once I get back home. Any reversion will be smooth after a few hours under a scarf.

    @Anonymous; Thank you, a Caruso set is basically a roller set, using a Caruso Molecular Roller Kit. They are sold at most beauty supplies, and the are rollers that use steam versus ceramic heat.

    @Kendra; I love Caruso's too; especially because they are soo easy to put in, and it doesn't take much to produce a cute hairstyle!

    @Flour, Thank you! Don't return it! Noooo lol At least give a shot, I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the results.

  18. Loving the hair! And the dotted tights and floral top are stellar! Without sounding crazy, I'm totally stalking your blog. :)

  19. @Fajr | Stylish Thought Aww thank you my friend!


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