Friday, June 25, 2010

All Hail The KING

Dedicating this day of my 365-day self-portrait project to none other than the King of Pop. To say that I am a Michael Jackson fan would be a serious understatement; I still remember where I was when I heard my first MJ record, remember dancing feverishly for 90 minutes at my first MJ concert, remember driving to Neverland to watch Michael leave, leaving momento's and hand written letters outside of the family compound, and sadly.. I can vividly remember the feeling in my stomach when I heard he passed.

I am spending this day remembering someone who played a vital role in the soundtrack of my life. If you like, leave your favorite MJ memory in the comment section! 

Some of my favorite MJ albums

Some papers that I saved. 

Pics taken June 25th 2009 [Encino Family Home]
Me leaving a candle outside...

RIP MJ! 1958-Forever.
Sunnies: Michael Kors
White "T": Express
Jacket: Vintage
Belt "1" [used as sash] Vintage Michael Morrison
Belt "2" Forever 21
Studded Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Winkle Creepers
White Socks: H&M
Black Skinnies: Seven For All Mankind


  1. What a GREAT & Wonderful dedication!! Way to represent!!

  2. Lady you fawkin rockkkkkkkkkk!!! Rock on!!!

  3. this is such an amazing dedication. love the jacket.
    When i was little, my sister and i would just sit there everyday and watch all his videos back to back on tape. He will always be missed.
    RIP xx

  4. I had my first and last dance solo show at 14 on his music, it was also the last time I expressed myself in the artistic field and many years have passed. Then I lost myself in life, obligations and finding myself. Michael has always been a way to look at my soul without filters. There is a niche in my heart that hosts the tremendous amount of inspiration this person has, and still is giving me.

  5. Wow your hair looks wonderful and you look cool!!!
    I love your vintage finds!!!!

  6. I know I'm dating myself, but I remember the Jackson 5 cartoons, the Christmas album and going to the Jackson 5 concert at The Forum in Los Angeles in 1972 when I was 12 years old. All of my friends were in love with Michael, but Marlon and later Jermaine (my son is named Jermaine- Let's Get Serious?!)were my crushes. I know, I know I chose the wrong two. I was working at The Wild Pair (shoe store) when Michael first broke out on his own, I loved going to work because the place was blasting MJ all day long. And the clubs...don't get me started!!!
    P.S. My daughter get vintage finds right from my closet, when I see her in my clothes, make want them back.

  7. I wanted to marry MJ lol! It still saddens me that he is gone. But how blessed are we that his music will live on forever!

  8. You'd make MJ proud... you know you're bad, girl!

    love those brogues!

    ~ Eboni Ife'

  9. I remember waiting in line to see Captain Eo at Disney world in Florida. Im standing in line with my sisters eating ice cream dripping all over us and playing with these water spitting frogs and splashing around... And my parents just letting us rock.... That was ultimate child happiness right there. When I think of him, I feel thankful that he helped to make and aspect my childhood like the one he yearned for. O jeez, im crying... I love him.

  10. This is Sick! Wicked! Stunning! I love it!

  11. My ALL Time favorite MJ moment was watching Motown 25. I remember going to school, and all we could talk about was that "thing" Michael did onstage during his performance. I will never forget it. It seemed like time stopped.

  12. time flies ... :/ he was immortal. to me.

  13. Lovely tribute! He was the first crush I ever had, I was/am completely obsessed; learning dances, reading interviews, anything MJ I was there. Also gained a rep for fiercely defending him, lol.
    Growing up we only had 4 types of music records: African/Nigerian, Classical, Mowtown and Michael Jackson - everyone would tease me but I didn't care :) Still get anxious when I remember he's passed..

    But that Thriller video petrified me before, oh my gosh.

  14. This is so awesome! I love MJ just as much...Love the MJ ensemble! Especially those shoes! You're very creative.

  15. You did not disappoint with this outfit!!! I love it!!!

    My fav memory was sitting up waiting with my younger bro and older sis waiting patiently for In Living Color to go off so we could watch the debut of the "Do You Remember The Time" video!

  16. My first concert ever was the Michael Jackson Victory Tour at the LA Stadium. I was so young..I couldn't sit down in my seat and see the stage so I stood on my seat for the entire concert. It was a surprise from my Mother. When she finally told me where we were going, all is could say was, "Calm down....calm down...calm down!!" My Mom teased me about that for years. I will never forget that experience. Ever.

  17. what an awesome tribute! love the look. words can not express how hurt and sad I am about his passing, still doesn't feel real a year later. He was my very first crush, hugging the screen to the Bad video. I related my MJ infatuation/thoughts here:

  18. Love love love these photos!!! Thanks for sharing :)

  19. my fave memory of him is cheering for my friend as he danced to billie jean during a talent show. Micheal brought and still brings people from all cultures together.

    i am in mid-transition so i love blogs like yours.

  20. This is such an awesome post, seriously. A unique way to pay homage. I can tell that you love MJ as much as I do. Thanks so much for sharing.


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