Friday, May 14, 2010

Quick Pictorial- The Red Lippie

I receive quite a few emails and comments about my red lipstick, so I thought I would dedicate this post to my favorite red lipstick of all time; Ruby Woo by MAC. Here's a quick little pictorial to show you how I apply my lip-color.

[1] Line lip with lip-liner that is brighter than the lipstick you are using. This will make the lipstick P O P more. I am using REDD by MAC.
[2] Fill in your lips w/your lipstick of choice; mine is Ruby Woo [of course] - Don't worry about getting it perfect; you can fill in any areas w/your pencil/lip-color later.

[3] I apply my concealer w/a stiff, flat brush. I use NW45 concealer, and I pat it around the lip area; very close to the lip line.

Be sure and get as close to the lip-line as possible! This will make the color pop even more! Applying it with a brush is much better than applying the concealer w/your fingertips [as far as accuracy is concerned].
That's really all there is to it folks! The addition of the brighter lip liner, and concealer really makes those lips pop; even in darker skin tones like mine! 


  1. Wait... did you apply concealer to your lip as well before you applied the liner and lipstick? it looks like something is on your lip already.

  2. @AlongCameStacy; I sure didn't; it is most likely the makeup from applying my foundation and powder. I use a beauty blender and apply the foundation around my mouth [sometimes it has a tendency to get on my lips as well]

  3. I use MAC's Viva Glam 1 and my mom wears MAC's Red. I grew up with my mother always rocking a red lip and nails (she does this still) so she schooled me on the necessity of applying foundation to and around your lips before and using a pencil and brush to apply the lipstick! I'd advise people to make sure you're blotting when you apply. Like, apply the first coat of lipstick. Blot. reapply. Blot. then put on the final coat!

  4. Ruby Woo is my all time fav too! I might wear it too much, lol. I thought I lost mine once and almost had a panic attack, lol.


    ive been using it religiously since circa '05.
    The only problem I have with it is sometimes the matte is overwhelming.

  6. I'm all about the red lip right now!! It always depends on the hue of your skin tone, that color works well on you!!


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