Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Hair Now: Bed Head

This is how I have been wearing my hair as of late; because honestly my hair just gets too "blah" after the first week. I have to be semi-creative because I do not like doing "touch-ups", or curling it w/a curling iron once I have already straightened it [I am trying to minimize my use of direct heat].

This style is pretty easy to do; and takes about 5 minutes [I usually do this before bedtime] which is a plus. This is how I achieve this look:

Grab sections of hair, and twist the hair onto itself until you form a knot [known as Bantu Knots]; secure the hair and any loose ends with a bobby pin.

I do not use ANY product when doing this because I don't want it stiff and stuck together. I want a free-flowing style with body and waves.

I make about 5-6 knots on my head; in no particular order. It doesn't even matter if they are all the same size [oftentimes I don't even look in the mirror when I do this]

Tie a silk scarf on your head; and let the style set overnight.

Take your hair down in the morning; you should be left w/nice deep waves. The tighter the Bantu Knot, the deeper the wave [my waves are always loose because my "knotting skills" aren't up to par].

That's pretty much it folks; fluff and go!

** For the people asking me how I keep my hair "straight" without touching it up; I simply put a scarf on my head the minute I get in the house. I notice if I keep my hair "under a scarf", the hair remains smoother & straighter longer vs not wearing a scarf until bedtime.


  1. Good tip there on getting it to stay straight longer. Also I might have missed it, but you have a flat ironing video showing your process??


  2. Hello Nikole, you look so beautiful in your pictures. I am really enjoy reading your site. I often feel inspired, motivated and beautiful after reading your post.I appreciate your recipes, fashion, photography, videos, recommedations and advice. Everything you do exudes elegance, class and smarts. You really do extend and lend yourself to your viewers.

    I have one quick question: What do you recommend for smoothing the hair around your edges? My hair tends to be really course around my hairline, and I have struggled to find a product that smooths my edges without the shiny slick-back look.

  3. Absolutely love this look!!

  4. This is beautiful. I can't wait until my hair is this long

  5. your hair is Beautiful!

  6. My hair always does all sorts of crazy things in the morning, I dread looking in the mirror when I wake up. This is such a great idea too, thanks for the tip!

  7. Where did you get that gorgeous purple shirt???

  8. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to try the knots. I was literally sitting here at my desk as I was reading this practicing. lol

  9. Very pretty. Do you not sweat or exercise while your hair is straight?

    Do you find wearing your hair straight for a month cuts down on knots?

  10. your waves look straight from a native american folk tale..
    now i just need somewhere to go so i can try this one

  11. @Afroniquely; I don't yet, but I will the next time I press my hair. I didn't have the cajones to deal with my hair and filming a video this time

    @Yolanda; WOW thank you very much for the kind words. I truly appreciate it more than you know :-)

    I use VATIKA Oil; OR Oyin Burnt Sugar Pomade on my hairline. It's the only thing that gives my hairline a "natural" look. Take a little bit, put it on your hairline..then brush it in with a toothbrush. Tie your hair down with a scarf for about 30 minutes, and all should be well.

    @Shakira C; Thank You!

    @MsLazzia Thank You!

    @Chrissy E Thank you very much!

    @Eli my hair has a tendency to do that as so this has definitely been a lifesaver for me. Hope it works the same for you :)

    @Keyanna; I got that from Zara..I love that store.

    @Tviolet; Ha!! lollll You definitely have to try the technique..and if you want more of a tighter wave...just do the knot a bit tighter.

    @Anonymous; I definitely exercise, and I am unfortunately a sweater...not excessively but enough. I just tie my hair down with a silk scarf when I get home...and that usually takes care of all of the poofiness. - It definitely has the tendency to cut down on knots. But I don't wear my hair straight that often [I am aiming for a twice a year], so in the grand scheme of doesn't really make a big difference.

    @frenchiexpoo Thank you!!! Funny because I bought some feather-hair clip thingy from an native american vendor on Ebay...I usually clip it by by ear when I wear my hair like this....great minds think alike no?

  12. I'm thrilled to have found you, you remind me of my sis, her hair is always wrapped up into bantu knots at night, however, your hair seems to be less curly. Anyhoo, this is lovely.


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