Monday, May 3, 2010

My Day In Pictures: Palm Springs Edition


8AM - Driving to Palm Springs

9AM - Stopping for pics in a beautiful field

12PM - Where to eat?
12:05PM - Contemplated burgers....that was short-lived

12:30PM - But settled for lunch & drinks at Al Dente

12:45PM - Angel Hair Pasta w/Basil, Garlic, Tomato, Buffalo Mozzarella, and Chicken

1:00PM - Laughter w/good friends is always nice!

2:15PM - ........

2:30PM - Few pics on the way out
7:30PM - Car packed, headed back to L.A


  1. your hair looks great in these photos

  2. Both of you ladies hair and skin looks great. The summery dress with the boot look is gorgeous.

  3. Love Love Love the dress and boots combo! Your so cute!:)

  4. very nice photos, did you try the rollers at the ends of your braids this time? either way it looks great!

  5. lovely outfit and lovely food

  6. i so luv the hair!!! where was my invite to Palm Springs, lol, i've been trying to go day tripping but none of my friends have had the time. I was thinking of San Diego for a day trip.

    Anyway... I need hair help ya'll... so i realize that my hair is heat damaged from many many years if pressing (never been permed) and now i'm ready to wear it natural, but my hair is dry and frizzy and just a mess to handle when it's wet. I can only wear my twist out or braid out for a day.

  7. I'm new to your site (via my girl Claire at The Fashion Bomb) and I absolutely love it! Can you please elaborate on the "braid and curl" method? Thanks!

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  9. Next time I want to go :( lol Seeing as though I'm all the way on the opposite coast I'd need at least a couple months notice. I'm kidding but it looks like you ladies had a great day. You both have fabulous heads of hair and funky styles. I love it!

  10. wow girl your pictures always look amazing. love the dress and you and your friends hair.

    also, ain't no way i would've been able to pass up Hamburger Mary's. i LOOOOVE that place. best burgers i've ever had.

  11. If I have to see these boots again, I'm going to die! I'm kidding, but really, you have such great style! This is such a great combination, but I would never have thought of it. Love!

    To UrbanGlamGyrl:

    What has been your pressing technique? Do you wash, let it air dry then press...Do you hot comb it then straighten? Do you do this a lot?

    If you don't want to just cut off the damaged hair and start over, I suggest a process of transitioning. (I read the blog every now and then, but it's a great resource

  12. You look absolutely stunning. And your hair is realy pretty!

  13. Oh my, I love this dress!!! And the bag... and the shoes... Girl, I just love everything about this look!! Keep up the good outfits.

    xo Becca

  14. gorgeous! so happy i was introduced to your blog thru his hers! i will definitely be following now.

  15. What's in the bags?! CUUUTE outfit!

  16. That outfit and hair! Fiyah! Nikole, do people ever think you're a damn movie star when they see people taking your photos? LOL I would be like, "Oh, wait who IS that?!"

    The hair looks extra full, yet really light, dish, please:-D

  17. Love your pictures!! That pasta looks delicious... and I love your outfit!

  18. @hypnotic Thank you!

    @Hell Notes for Beauty Thank you!! I think the boots dress it up a little more.

    @Loclove Thank you very much :-)

    @SEWING STARDOM I did!!! You know I have you to thank for that!

    @Seygra20 Thank you, the food was pretty good.

    @UrbanGlamGyrl LOLL! I want to go to San Diego too, I hear they have some nice places to thrift as well. - What products are you using? And I would suggest shampooing, conditioning, and detangling in sections. It cuts down on the breakage and matting. - Also using a good leave in [I like Paul Mitchell The Conditioner], and a good curl cream to braid the hair with [I like Komaza Coconut Curl Cream] can really make all the difference.

    @Deys Thank you for stopping by! I braid my hair into 10 individual braids [I do this on wet hair], then I roll the ends of the braids with small rollers. I let my hair dry overnight, take down the braids, and separate the waves.

    @Dari LOLLLLLL Thank you!! And I have been trying like heck to find out the name of the boots [it doesn't have a sticker on the bottom] but for the life of me, I can't find these boots anywhere online :-\

    @Renee Thank you very much :-)

    @Becca Thank you very much; I will check out your blog as well :-0

    @simplychic Thank you!!!

    @Jacinte LOLL Hee heee! I am in the process of "pic taking" so I will do posts and show all of you what I got :-)

    @Encourage and Uplift Thank you!

    @Chrissystina Thank you!!!! And people are either trying to figure out what's what, or they are looking at me like I am crazy! Or a little combo of both! LOL

    @TKOmulatta Thank you!!! It was, you see I cleaned off the

  19. @Dari, I've been getting my hair pressed at the salon about every 2 -3 weeks since I was about 13 and I'm almost 31. So I get it washed, blow-dryed, pressed, then flat iron and curled. It's a lot of heat I know, but it seemed like my hair was fine. My hair is naturally full and thick, but then I noticed over the years that my hair would smell like it was burned after I left the shop and then I have sooo much shedding. I thought as long as I was not getting it permed and I was getting a deep conditioner at the shop it was all good. But then i started to realize that my hair is not as healthy as i thought it was. I've been wanting to go natural for years, but didn't know how. Now there's so much info on the net and on the blogs, yet I don't know where to start. It's like info overload, lol.

    usually when i wanted to wear it natural between salon visits i would wash and condition, then use kinky curly and just blow dry on cool so i wouldn't have soaking wet hair, but i end up with jherri curl looking hair and one side is always flat and not as curly as the other side.


  20. @ Mop Top...ok i'm ready to roll out to SD whenever you are, it's only about a 1 and half to 2 hour drive from me, lol!

    currently i wash n condition w/ aveeno active naturals. and the last time i washed i did do it in sections like you suggest on your blog! :-) i used the cantu shea butter leave-in and then twisted in about 10 braids 5 on each side. it wasn't completely dry when i took it down but it was cute. it just didn't last once i slept on it. one my hair gets dry it loses it's shape


  21. Hey I'm new to your blog and I have to say that you are my new hair role model! Your hair is gorge!!!! I'm currently transitioning, my last perm was 6 months ago so I've been looking at your hair blogs.

    I LOVE that dress with those boots! I wouldn't have thought of pairing them up but it really works!!! Oh and your friend's hair is beautiful too!

  22. these pics are great! especially the one with your side profile!!! I LOVE your hair. hope mine looks like that when I'm done transitioning!


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