Monday, May 17, 2010

Each Man Kills The Thing He Loves - Oscar Wilde

No matter what my mind tells me; I am afraid of wide open spaces. It never fails; I will work my butt off at something, and when it comes time to take THE next step; I pause. I retreat. Sometimes I feel that my fear of failing hinders my creativity. I find it hard to put things out there because I am afraid of how it will be received. When you create something; it comprises pieces of your heart and soul. Being that open, and that vulnerable scares me; and honestly makes me want to retreat to what is comfortable.

I wanted to start my non profit, for the past two years. I wanted to sell my jewelry to the public. I wanted to have a "french general" type store. I have the means and the support to make these things happen; but the common denominator in why those things haven't happened resides in ME. - I made a bucket list this past weekend and decided to just do it. I feel like if I am not confronting my calling; then I am not really living at all. And what is the purpose of life if I am not living my legend?

Whatever we decide to do in life should be done with as much enthusiasm and passion as humanly possible, as those feelings coincide with living your personal calling. - Sorry for the rant; just sharing with you a little insight as to the happenings in my life lately; as it aint always thrift shopping, and DIY projects [lol]! I will keep you all updated as to the progress I have made on my lil bucket list :-)

Big shout out to my mum who is the best little picture taker there ever

Blazer: H&M
Dress: H&M
Tights: H&M
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell
Jewelry: Forever 21


  1. Shout out to your mom for the nice photos!!!! :)....on another note, I went to a LF store located here in South Beach and absolutely love it!!! Thanks so much for the exposure, they're a little pricey, but will use them for accessories and shoes....and good luck with your future ventures!

  2. Great post,(topic) I can relate as well... likes the outfit... your mom dad a great job!

  3. I lovethis topic and everything u siad in ur rant..I can't totally relate...I think that's my problem too...the fear. Great post! Love your blog!

    ~♥ Miss Nic ♥~

  4. I was talking to my mum today about the EXACT same thing. I'm a perfectionist. I have so many ideas and plans that I don't execute because I don't want to fail; and I don't want my efforts to be rejected. With much prayer and determination, I will overcome this; I don't want to have any regrets, I want to begin to truly live.

  5. Hey Miss MopTop Maven :)

    Just wanted to say; you seem awesome; everything I have seen so far from your outfit posts to the DIY projects are so inspirational and creative, makes me feel like I too can express myself, whilst living within my means and be fabulous at it :-} I encourage you to go for it! I will be the first to buy your jewellery :) and when I make my way to America I can stop by your store :-) x

  6. First of all, you look beautifully radiant. And i wouldn't call this a rant, i encourage you to go for it!! the first step is realizing that you r the one who has to embark on the next step, whatever happens at least you can say you did it your way , at your own time. I know it sounds weird, but having read your blog from top to bottom, you seem rather wonderful. Here's too all of us chasing our dreams and hopefully catching them....

    best wishes.

    Stay Fabulous!!

  7. I really understand where you coming from. It's scary to really go after your dreams even those you want badly. Speak your dreams into existence and take small steps toward them on a daily basis. Thoughts are more powerful than words!

  8. i have fall in love with your blog :) and i love your style and also this blog helped me in so many ways because

  9. you look great! i have those same tights, but your look is so much better LOL!

    & in reference to your "rant" ... I always say that the fear of heights is based wholly in the fear of falling.. we don't let ourselves move higher & higher to all we can be because we're afraid of the fall. i'm still confronting this with myself, but it's nice to know i'm not alone & that you're making moves to move on up =] all the best

  10. I definitely needed to read this...thanks for sharing :)

  11. I was going to ask who takes all of your pictures?? But to know that your mom is so makes me quite happy! I wish you well in your dreams and future ventures...I love the site!!

  12. I wish you all the best as you pursue your passion. I have oftentimes been paralyzed by fear myself, and I'm working on that, because I have dreams and desires that I would like to pursue myself. Your entry today is eerily familiar with a quote that Will Smith said on the Oprah show, "Greatness comes on the edge of destruction." Michael Jordan also said something similar during his hall of fame acceptance speech, "Limits, like fear, are often just an illusion." As last but not least, something my pastor always says, "Feel the fear and do it anyway!" God's speed as you move forward! :-)

  13. You are such a wise young lady and have been such an inspiration to me over the past few months since finding your blog. Take it from someone who has lived her whole life in fear (and I am much older than you) your life the things that make you happy NOW...the worst thing is to look back years later with regrets. I wish you all the luck in your is obvious from this blog that you are a talented and brilliant person, let the great gifts that you have lead you to your destiny.

  14. Awh, too cute. And yes big props to I know who, lol. And I say Lady go forth and conquer..I'm in the same boat, I have a lot of things I've wanted to start, but was so fearful to try. As well limited funding can cause a pause, but if it's my dream, I'm off to conquer it.


  15. I was just having a text convo with my cousin when I went on your blog and this popped up, showing as always, that the universe is always right on time. I'm an LA girl living in NY (missed your current visit) and when I come back, I plan on looking you up. You're totally where I want to be!


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