Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Another Sunday Morning: Randoms + How to Date Your Vintage Finds

Vintage Beaded Cardi - I believe this still had the tag on the inside!! This is definitely 80s
Wool Dress - This is the sweetest little dress, it has big buttons down the back, and hook & eye closures. Because of the construction; I am guessing this is 50s - to early 60s. Still working on the dating of this dress.
Super random outfit; horseback riding maybe? lol The suspenders are 50s, shirt 80s, shorts 80s.  The belt is vintage as well; but now that I think about it...I never even payed much attention to date it. The hat is pretty old; I haven't taken a gander inside to check out the label..so I am not sure how old.
70s Silk top and 80s shorts. The belt is vintage as well [haven't checked the label yet]. The headband is the one I made from this post.
Another barely worn dress; from the tag I am guessing this is 80s.

Just got this jacket and quirky mink hat; I haven't attempted to date them yet.

Shirt is definitely 70s, shorts are 80s. Belt is also vintage.

Random 80s Navajo style tapestry jacket, and 80s bustier.

Dating your finds is part of the thrill of treasure hunting! I have compiled a very short [but very useful] list of resources that should help take some of the guess work out of dating pieces. I turn to the Vintage Fashion Guild after every haul, not only are those links helpful; but the entire site as well.

Vintage Fashion Guild [Label Resource]
Vintage Fashion Guild [Quick Tips for Dating Vintage]


  1. The back of that pink dress is beautiful. I was looking for estate sales in the Miami area but unfortunately I didn't find many on craigslist. I don't think we have as many vintage offerings around here.

  2. NIkole, your outfits are great! I love how daring they are. Do you think you can do a post about how someone can find their own style and make it beyond ho-hum? I thrift for life, but I am so over ALL of my clothes right now! I'm just feel like I look very generic, and I am about to go to Vegas next month, then Cali after that, so yeah....I 'gots to get right'

    I love it all!

  3. loves your blog! these outfits rock! =]


  4. I apologize for this is totally off topic but...what is the name of that shade of red lipstick you wear?

    I usually stay away from red b/c I have a hard time picking out the right shade for my skintone (it's either too bright, or doesn't pop much at all). We have similar coloring so I'm hoping that shade of red would work on me too.

  5. You're looking great as usual! Just wanted to know what color and brand of lipstick you're wearing? Been looking for a bright color that would look good on me.

  6. @Ming; Thank you! Ripped up Levi's! Grab a pair; cut em, rip em, slash em, wash em. Bingo!

    @Robyn's Nest; hey chica! thank you!

    @anonymous awwww try searching for "tag sales" - you may have to drive a bit; most likely to a slower; retirement type town.

    @Chrissytina; of course dahhhling!!! I will work on that just for you!

    @Terra; thank you!!

    @Anonymous; no worries! I wear RUBY WOO by MAC with REDD lipliner, also by MAC

  7. Do you mind posting a website where I can purchase a pair of shorts like the ones you have?

  8. @Roldine Which shorts? The denims? Or the high-waist shorts? The denim jean shorts I made from an old pair of baggy levis. The high-waist shorts I got from an estate sale.

    If you are looking for ripped denim shorts, your best bet would be a vintage store. OR...Ebay if you are in the mood to bid.

    @Beauty is Diverse; Thank you!

  9. just found your blog. it is absolutely gorgeous and so are you. These outfits are killer. Anyone who loces vintage as much as i do gets 2 thumbs up. Had to become a follower and look forward to reading more posts.

    check out my blog and if you like it, i would appreciate a following

  10. @Southerners From the North; Thank you very much for the compliment!! Glad to see other people who have an appreciation for vintage!

  11. I love your style! How did you make the headband?

  12. @Jasmine Thank you!

    @Efe here is the link http://moptopmaven.blogspot.com/2010/04/2-diy-headbands-hair-clip-imagination.html

  13. i love your style and your choice of thrift places. i`m not sure where would be the correct place to ask this question so please excuse me if this isnt it, i know you`ve talked about this before but i cannot find the post where you mentioned it , so i would like to know - Where are the best thrifty vintage OR not vintage places you have found in the los angeles area ?


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