Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Adventures In Thrifting: The San Fran Edition

I love checking out the local thrift stores/flea markets/vintage shops when I drop into a new city. Sometimes the finds are reflective of the local culture; and it's always a refreshing change. Vintage shopping never gets boring, but it's nice to see items from the locals closet!

This spotlight features two of my favorite stores! Boneflower's & The Clothes Closet Thrift Store.

1747 Polk St
(between Clay St & Washington St)
San Francisco, CA 94109
Neighborhood: Nob Hill
(415) 359-0338

Let's start with Boneflower's since they were gracious enough to allow me into their store after hours, for a nice little meet & greet coupled with pics, and a brief history lesson behind each piece.

Boneflower's has a drool-worthy, well curated collection of Victorian pieces, vintage hats, "oddities" and quirky unique pieces from local designers. Those of you familiar with the vintage scene in San Fran may recall this spot being Mascara Vintage at one point. However there is a new sheriff in town now {Jenna, the new owner}, and this store has undergone a major re-haul. It's like walking into your grandma's closet during her "hey day". The prices are also very reasonable, which is a major plus.

Beautiful collection of 50-60s day and evening dresses!

The even have a nice collection of vint items for men items as well!

My hand is on/near the Victorian dresses/shirts. I was so enamored by the collection; I didn't think to pull them out for you to see :-/ They also carry your usual sequin glam attire if you are in to that kinda thing!

They also have a nice collection of vintage jewelry and doodads; they carry handmade Steampunk Jewelry as well.

Overall I would give this place a ten! It's definitely a gem in the city, and a favorite amongst the locals. You are sure to find whatever you are looking for; and often times more than what you bargained for! 

1850 Polk Street
San Francisco, CA 94109-3004
(415) 929-8019

Next up; The Town School Clothes Closet; the layout is a little less glamorous for sure...but stellar finds nonetheless. If you are into labels; this is your place to shop; there was Gucci, Chanel, Prada, and Pucci all within eye-shot! The prices are very reasonable; think $20 for a St. John's suit in flawless condition, or $30 for a pair of authentic Chanel Ballet Flats [oftentimes the shoes are 50% off; SCORE]. They also have a nice collection of books, and China as well! - The kicker is that this store is used to help cover tuition for boys who wouldn't otherwise be able to attend Town School due to financial need. Most of the items donated are from the parent's association, and members of the community. So you can feel good when you walk out of that store with a vint Emilio Pucci bikini [scored at a mere $12] just in time for summer!

Yup; those are Prada's.

That was a Chloe' silk mini I was holding up - yup.

This was a Dolce & Gabbana leather skirt - Tip: all of the "high end designer items" are to the left of the store entrance!

The era's run the gamut; from 60's - present. I found a ton of Bianca Jagger-esque pieces [a 'la Studio 54]

My fav section of the store! The little tea cups are adorable!


  1. Love it. I need to peruse around my thrift shops here. They are usually salvos though

  2. Thank you. I think I am going to San Fran for my bday in September and I am compiling a list of all the spots I might hit!

    I would love for you to point out some great eating spots too:)

  3. next time i'm in san francisco this is where im going to be!! wow! amazing!

  4. Hi! I just found your blog and love it! Imagine my surprise to open todays entry and find that you are reviewing San Fran and my "hood". I live at the corner of Washington/Polk so these are stores I pass on a daily. Thanks for advertising our little neck of the woods. We often get overlooked to the other more popular shopping areas in the city. :)

  5. I'm heading to San Diego next week. Do you happen to have any thrift store recommendations? You always have such great finds! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I plan to visit San Fran this summer and I can't wait to visit one (or both) of these spots. Thanks!

  7. @My Natural Me; are you kidding me? I love those places!! lol They may not have a ton of name brand; but the vintage stuff is usually priced reaalllly low!

    @God's Favorite Shoes! - Lucky! A few of my FAV San Fran eateries are:
    Bix Restaurant [The live Jazz is amazing]
    Scoma's - If you are into seafood, and steak. The Fillet Mignon cuts like butter.

    @burramint Definitely check them out!!

    @suthingirl I LOVE that area; in fact I would love to move there. How lucky you are to live in a place with so much character!

    @Becca NICE! Try AMVETS [they have TWO locations]!! Hands down one of the best places; and the prices are reasonable. On Saturday's most items are 50% off. Another one of my favorites is St Paul's Cathedral-Episcopal

    @Living Fly on a Dime You are going to love it!!

  8. I googled estate sales for my area and I actually found some! I thought that was so awesome. I'm moving to Atlanta in August and I can only imagine that I will find more out there so since I don't want to add to all the stuff I already have to move I'm going to wait and go to my first one after the move but Im so excited to see what I find!

  9. i luv china and tea cups, i was up in big bear a couple yrs ago and scored some cute little tea caps and dessert plates from this quaint little store. i'm gonna be up near san fran next weekend and i just may drive up to check out these store recommendations!

  10. I freaking love that store. I lived in SF for 6 years and discovered this little gem the LAST year I was there. I go to SF every weekend...I'm


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