Tuesday, April 20, 2010

SF In Pictures | Man Cannot Discover New Oceans Unless He Has The Courage To Lose Sight Of The Shore - Andre Gide

I mentioned in my last post that I took a trip to San Francisco to boost my creative juices [I was in a creative rut] and to also get a little R&R. I left my house sans my notepad, and decided to capture inspiration using photos instead. Now I didn't need to go all the way to San Fran; but being there puts me in such a special place creatively, I decided to treat myself.

The architecture in San Francisco is absolutely amazing, so I wanted to focus on that for this trip. I snapped pics of buildings [amongst other things], and my new fav; street signs. I plan to channel the inspiration gained from these pics into some of my jewelry, and other creative ventures.

If you plan on taking a day to get some creative refill; here are a few tips:
- Get adequate rest, and a well rounded breakfast.
- Start shooting early so that you can utilize natural light
- Visit a location that you wouldn't normally visit
- Bring an ipod with you, and shoot to music you normally don't listen to
- Don't be rigidly attached to one particular theme, shoot whatever inspires you, you can categorize them later
- Open an online "photo storing" account [preferably one like Flickr where you can interact with others that have similar interests]
- Organize your photos into themes [street signs, buildings, trolley's] so that you can quickly reference them
- Experiment with different "perspectives" Picture #1 and Picture #7 are of the same buildings, just a different perspective


  1. How cute is that dog? Only in America, SMH. Beautiful pics.

  2. looking at this made me miss home... and realize how beautiful it truly is.

  3. These are great pictures. I use to do photography. I can tell you really have an eye for it. Who does the pictures when you are in them? because those are really good too. Also if you don't mind is there away to see the pictures you've taken of flicker even if you don't have an account. I like looking at pictures like that. I just moved to the San Francisco area and I still haven't had the chance to discover it like that. I plan to soon though.

  4. @Ms. Princess I know right!!!! LOL

    @AlenaCupcake, man I love it out there. I wish I could call it home!

    @CurlyNaturalBeautiful Thank you very much, it means a lot coming from a photographer! I have a few gracious friends who take my pics for me!

    Yes! I am clearing out the clutter on my Flickr as we speak, and I will send you the link :d - To my knowledge you don't have to have an account to browse!

  5. Your pictures are very creative, I am amazed. You are beautiful too, and seem to be very free spirited. That pizza looked good too, LOL. Stay blessed!!

  6. Oh my goodness. I just faithfully came across this blog and I already love it!!! Your pictures are so vibrant. What camera do you use? Luvs it and you hair makes me think hard about transitioning. Like seriously.

  7. i love your bracelets where do they come from? and what is your camera? I really like your blog it's inspirational.

  8. @Shudiara Thank you so much for the compliments! That pizza was absolutely delicious! LOL

    @Gigi Thank you very much!!! I shoot with a Nikon D60 using a 18-55 lens [it's the lens the Nikon D60 comes with].

    AaLiyShA TRiNiTy Thank you! I bought my bracelets from H&M


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