Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Regular Braidout Tutorial

So here is yet another video! I plan on dropping a few more this week to make up for lost time :-)

When I am not pressed for time, I usually like to do this style because it lasts much longer than my trusty "8 braid-braidout". To maintain this style for a week or more, I usually stuff my hair underneath a satin bonnet, and fluff/fingerstyle in the morning.

This is a great style for anyone who is transitioning out of a relaxer, and even those that are looking for heat-free styling alternatives. If your hair is straight at the ends, you can always use rollers [flexi rods on the ends worked better for me], or even pin curl the braids to add even more curls. 

I decided to use Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding this time around because I wanted a product that offered a bit more hold. If you start with a product like Miss Jessie's, you shouldn't have to worry about re-braiding nightly. I have tried this same style with butters and whipped creams, and my hair just didn't last!

The key to achieving the perfect braidout is more or less your technique/products vs your hair length in my opinion. Here are a few tips I have learned along the way:

- Start on hair that is completely CLEAN, and thoroughly CONDITIONED! - Residue/Buildup on the hair can cause hair to be dull and lifeless. You really want to start off with a clean palette when attempting this style so that your hair will have body, and shine. The softer your hair is [from the conditioner], the smoother the end result will be.

- For more definition, and longer wear-ability: Leave the braids in until completely dry! If you take the braids down before drying your hair thoroughly, you may experience major "poofage".

- Use a leave-in conditioner under products like gels, and puddings: This will eliminate the "crunch factor" that some of these products leave behind.

- Wear a satin bonnet while in the shower! This will help keep the definition, and also keep your hair from "frizzing out".

- Use a creamy leave-in: This can simply be a matter of preference, but I prefer these when I am doing my braidouts, over the thinner conditioners. My hair is extremely coarse, so I need something that is rich and creamy to help soften up my hair a bit if I plan to wear it in it's natural state.


  1. I love all of your vids..I actually have locs and have been going bak & forth with taking them down..but every time I watch your vids it makes me want too keep pushin ...Thankyou 4 what you do.
    Bless LittleKnottzz

  2. you are beautiful girly... I'm def. going to try this. thanks for the ideas... makeup tutorial next!! lol ;)

  3. Thanks for the tutorial.Love your hair and your blog~

  4. Faithful Anonymous is back!!!

    I was watching you run your hands thru your fingers and I was loving your hair. And it hit me, what I'd really like to see is your hair air dried loose. No braids. No twists. Just a big long air dried lengthy fro like this


    and this


    Ever tried those styles? That's how I would wear mine if I had the length. I think it's so cool ;-)

  5. Hi MopTop Maven,
    For some reason, no matter what products I use and how much, I can never get my curl definition to last more than a few hours after a braid-out or twist out. I have no idea why. My hair pattern is extremely curly, bouncy, and defined when wet, but after about 5 minutes and a little dryness, it turns into a kinky puff. I've tried KCCC, Miss Jessie's various products, and much more. I have no idea what to do because I want to keep my hair natural. It's just kind of confusing because I guess have 2 "natural" states: the original curly and the poofy aftermath. I don't mind either texture. I just want to stay consistent! Any suggestions? Thanks so much for sharing.


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