Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Flower Child; Flower Power - DIY Headband

This headband is too simple for words. It's also very sweet. Big flowers on your hair can sometimes be obnoxious, but sometimes they can be quite soft, and feminine. I definitely wouldn't wear this all the time, but on that hot sunny day this is more than likely the headband that I will reach for.

You can buy these big flowers at almost any craft store, however they are much cheaper at stores like Big Lots, or Wal Mart in the floral department. The "band" that's around my head is a stretchy piece of trim, it's very soft so it doesn't even feel like I am wearing anything. I also made the back of the headband adjustable, this way I can expand it if my hair is big, or tighten it if I am wearing a bun.

To complete this project; you will need;
- 1 Big Flower
- 2 End Caps [Jewelry Making Supplies]
- Glue Gun
- 1/2 Yard of Trim
- 3 Open Jump Rings
- 1 Large Lobster Clasp
- 1/4 Foot Extender Chain
- Wire Cutter

    Cut away any protruding pieces of metal from the back of your flower.
   This is what mine looks like after cutting;
   Now take a little bit of glue and glue the trim across the back of the flower [on the metal piece only]
   Take the end caps, and glue each end of the trim inside of them. Like so;
  Hook your jump rings to both sides of the trim, then connect your chain. Attach your lobster clasp to one  end of the chain.

Here is what the back of the headband looks like. Notice how the chain makes it adjustable.


  1. i cant wait till i have some free time to try these DIY projects! thanks for the tutorial

  2. FABULOUS!!! It looks adorable on you! I will definately be making me a couple of headbands! Your DIY projects ROCK!

  3. OMG!! Love it!! I am def going to give this tutorial a swing.

  4. I'm all about the flower accessories right now! I will definitely be rockin them this spring and summer.

  5. BEAUTIFUL, LOVES IT!!!! Thank you!

  6. @SEWING STARDOM Thank you for checking it out!!

    @Full-Figured Diva Thanks chica!!! Definitely make a couple, sometimes the nicer ones can cost an arm and two legs...so it's always good to make them yourself!

    @Afroniquely You Thank you :-D

    @Encourage and Uplift ME TOO!! We are on the same page!

    @ShandyLand Thank YOU!!

  7. omg do i love this color on you...absolutely fabulous!

  8. Great idea! Blue looks gorgeous on you. I have been wanting to try to make my own accessories. Seeing this may give me the push I needed.

  9. This is a very creative headband. I love the adjustable chain!!


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