Friday, April 2, 2010

Cheap Chic - The Alternative to Mac Brushes + MAC Shadow Dupes

                                   [I love EnKore's Videos]

This weekend I plan on sprucing up the makeup bag a little bit, and start branching out of my comfort zone; I want to play around with different colors, and maybe even some drugstore brands. Last night I was online pricing makeup brushes, and I let out a "oh hell no"! - I don't mind spending money on quality products, but for a noob like me, spending a few hundred on some makeup brushes is completely out of the question. I am also the kind of girl that doesn't have to have the name brand, I am all about what works.

Apparently these Lowe Cornell brushes are all the rave, and I am the last to know! For those of you that are interested in the brushes, but can't bring yourself to watch the 9 minutes of video, I have listed the Mac brushes, and the "Craft Store" dupes [I would suggest Michael's or even JoAnn's Craft Store] for your convenience.

Too bad I can't find a MAC 217 dupe. I have really been looking everywhere and it seems as though I may have to break down and buy it. If any of you out there have an recommendations, please let me know! THX!

MAC 150 Powder Brush Dupe - Loew Cornell XXL Round Brush ($10.79)
MAC 129 Blush Brush Dupe - Loew Cornell Large Round ($8.79)
MAC 136 Skinfinish Brush Dupe - Loew Cornell Maxine's Mop 1" (8.79)
MAC 239 Eyeshadow Brush Dupe - Loew Cornell 3/8" Maxine's Mop ($3.79)
MAC 208 Angled Brush Dupe - Loew Cornell 1/8" Angled ($3.29)
MAC 266 Angled Brush Dupe - Loew Cornell 1/4" Angled ($3.79)
MAC 269 Angled Brush Dupe - Loew Cornell 3/8" Angled ($4.79)
MAC 194 Concealer Brush Dupe - Loew Cornell Filbert #8 ($4.29)
MAC 228 Mini Eyeshadow Dupe - Loew Cornell Maxine's Mop 1/4" ($2.79)

------- Additional dupes not mentioned in the video

MAC 224 Dupe: Coastal Scents Sable Eyeshadow Blending Brush ($2.90)
MAC 252 Dupe: Loew Cornell 1/2" Maxine's Mop Green Handle

MAC Shadow Dupes Using Coastal Scents Eyeshadows!


  1. Not sure if you have one in your area, but if your open to exploring drugstore brands...Rite Aid Pharmacy is having a major sale on cosmetics!!! 75% off select items and several buy 1 get 1 50% off!!! I just purchased a boat load of makeup for $20.00!!!...eye shadow ($.74), liquid eye liner ($.99), etc...

  2. Thanks for the heads up Nik! I can always use more brushes. ELF cosmetics also has a pretty good selection of basic brushes that are inexpensive ($1-$8). Who couldn't use more brushes?

  3. Great post! Btw I recently found your page and LOOOOVVVEEE it!!.

  4. That's one of my beauty secrets, I use my painting brushes for my makeup lol. I bought a second stash just for makeup. They give the best application and are cheaper than some of hella expensive makeup brushes, mine have grips on them so no slipping lol. They last longer too!!

  5. Nik! Thanks for posting this blog. I've been interested in buying some quality brushes for a while now but hesitant because of the cost. I'm glad to see there are other options. I had never heard of this guy before but he seems pretty cool. I'll have to check out some of his videos.

    Great Post.

  6. O.K.A.Y!!! You are on top of it!! Lemme copy and paste,lol,lol I'm not shopping for the month of April (too many damn, but best believe I will be running to Michaels come May! I didn't know there was a dupe for the 150??!!!! I am feeeening for that brush. Even with my Pro discount it is still too much. This was great. Thanks!!

  7. @Robyn's Nest I am DEFINITELY open to exploring drugstore brands. Especially after some of the reviews I read around the web. Unfortunately my crummy ole Rite Aid didn't have much of a sale going on, I will check a few others today! lol

    @Savannah No problem, and thanks for letting me know about ELF! I am going to have to check those out. I think I need a brush tut though, because I still don't have it down yet!

    @Bevy Thank you so much chica!

    @caribbelle I was soooo out of the loop! I don't know why I never thought of doing that! I have been hearing nothing but good things about those paint brushes, especially the Loew Cornell.

    @South Loop Social Light I held out on brushes for yearsssss because they are just too expensive. So I definitely feel ya! Definitely check out EnKore, he has some pretty good vids and "insider tips" I like that.

    @Marsha (BrownFace)Definitely copy and paste, you know I sent this list right on over to my blackberry so I always have the info at the ready! LOL After a few more purchases, I am going on a no-buy challenge too...this stuff is just getting ridic....a dollar here, 10 here, next thing you know you spent $200 on hair and makeup products! lol

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  9. Chica, I say the SAME thing when it comes to brushes. This post has been sooooo helpful! I was just browsing other suitable brush dupes today and this has been the most helpful! I plan to do a overview of all of the things that I have in my makeup bag in a few days or weeks for a spring/summer look. I need to practice more first though. I would love to do a review of you again on the blog if you want to show the brushes that you purchased and what works for you. Just let me know :P)

  10. I found this on the Makeup Geek forum: "the lowe cornell 1/4 mini mop is a really good dupe, i have the MAC 217 as well and i find myself using the loew cornell brush more that the 217"

    I know you mentioned this in the post, but worth a try I guess?

  11. @MyNaturalMe Thank you very much! Please do the overview! I love looking inside people's bags, because I am nosey like I would love to show the brushes, and how I use them...but I need to practice skills are a bit rusty! LOL

    And that 217 dupe is definitely worth a try, and at those prices...why not!!!!


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