Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Charity: Water - A Generous Person Will Be Enriched, and One Who Gives Water Will Get Water. - Zen Proverb

I received an email on behalf of Shelly, founder of Kinky-Curly products; and I wanted to help spread the word because I really appreciate what she is doing. Shelly has raised almost $2k thus far towards providing fresh, clean water to citizens in developing nations.

In Shelly's Words: [taken from website]http://www.mycharitywater.org/p/campaign?campaign_id=3601
As the owner of Kinky-Curly I am always telling my customers how important water is. I say how water is the ultimate moisturizer for our hair, how we should drink 8 glasses a day and how we should wash our hair a least once a week.

Most of us don't spend too much time thinking about water. For most of us it is always there when we need it to wash our hair, to take a relaxing bath, or to do our laundry. We can buy it purified, sparkling, infused with minerals, or even flavored with vitamins.

But for a billion people on the planet, it's not. Millions of women and children walk hours each day to get water from muddy ponds and rivers. And much of that water is infested with parasites and leeches.
In these countries the clean water runs in lakes under their homes and village. But they don't have the drilling equipment or the money to reach it.

Kinky-Curly has teamed up with Charity:Water to raise money to build wells in developing nations. They spend 100% of the money directly on the water projects. When the projects are complete, every dollar is tied to village and all the wells are posted on Google Earth.

$20 can provide one person with clean, safe drinking water for 20 years

$100 can give a family of 5 clean water for 20 years

$5000 will build a freshwater well in a village and provide 250+ people with clean drinking water.

A portion of our profits from each sale will be donated to Charity:Water. We encourage you to also donate directly to this worthy cause so together, we can make a dent in the global water crisis.
Shelly has set up a website for those of you that are interested in donating. And if you can't donate, my fellow bloggers can always reblog this to get the word out!!!  

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