Monday, March 29, 2010

You May Say That I'm a Dreamer; But I'm Not The Only One

It was amazing weather this past weekend. Almost picturesque. It's hard to believe that in just 3 days we will have "rain/thunder" headed our way.

Weekends are never long enough. I always feel like I need an extra day to actually rest. - I can't complain though, this weekend was actually better than the last few. My creative juices were flowing, and I decided to spend my weekend doing whatever came to mind.  I filmed some hair videos, watched shorts on Vimeo, cooked/baked, made lethal Margaritas, dabbled in stop motion photography, and short film concepts.

Wearing - Shirt: D&G - Skirt/Bracelets: Forever 21 - Belt: Thrifted - Boots/Bag: Downtown L.A Fashion District


  1. Beautiful outfit! Where you live is so gorgeous, lucky you. :)

  2. Ha! Thank you; I WISH I lived there lol! I live in the valley :-) about 10 or 15 minutes away!!! Nevertheless, it's still a beautiful park!

  3. Ugh, this is making wish I were back in Huntington Gardens for lunch. Today, it was 65 degrees in SLC, but it was completely overcast.

    What a waste!

  4. Do you take your tripod with you ? I think these are some cool shots of you ! =)

  5. You look so cute as usual. What lipcolor are you wearing?

  6. I need to visit the fashion district more often. Although I never anything as nice as what you wear lol Beautiful pics

  7. You take the most amazing pics. I'm thinking about taking up photography as a hobby. What type of camera do you prefer?

  8. You make Forever 21 look like A Million Bucks!! ;)

  9. make this all look too easy..go ahead gorgeous, and I am loving that's absolutely beautiful.

  10. @Chrissystina Well, if it makes you feel any better, my legs broke out in hives from the flipping grass! LOL

    @zak attack Thank you! Not for this shoot, I had someone else taking the pics! But you could definitely do this with a tripod, and a remote.

    @Afribeauty Thank you! I am wearing Ruby Woo, by MAC :-)

    @SEWING STARDOM Thank you :-)

    @Encourage and Uplift Thanks Shereece!

    @labelfreementality Thank you! The fashion district is definitely a hit or miss. Next time I go, I will take note of some of my little stores, and post them for anyone in the L.A area.

    @Ms. Harmony Thank you! I would definitely recommend starting with a DSLR. Cannon EOS Rebel, and Nikon D300 [Newer version of D60] are great starter options. I shoot with a Nikon D60.

    @telltammy HA HA HA! Thank you. It's all in what you pair it with...and the material of the garment. I try to stay faaarr farrr away from the Polyesters, and PolyBlends as they tend to look a lil

    @Afroniquely Thank you! Isn't it gorgeous? I think I will go back for a picnic soon!

  11. You should post some of your thrift haul..thrifting tips..


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