Monday, March 1, 2010

The Winner Is!

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True beauty comes from within. It is that quiet and sometimes awe-inspiring confidence that can't be contained. It helps others, brings joy to the world, and fosters happiness. True beauty can't be purchased, borrowed, or stolen. It is timeless and ethereal.
- Deborah

Deborah you are the winner! Please email me via, so that I can send out your Beauty Blender! Thank you to everyone that participated [there will be more giveaways in the future]! I really enjoyed reading all of your comments, and it was quite refreshing actually. Living in L.A, you may get various definitions of true beauty depending on who you ask, and some [not all] are very superficial.

The consensus in Los Angeles seems to be that if you are "lighter skinned, with long hair, and green eyes" you are an instant beauty. I love all my sista's equally, however that excludes a large number of us. As we are all beautiful, and flawed to perfection. Furthermore, skin color, hair length, and the color of our eyes should not measure or define our beauty.

It's very disheartening to watch beautiful black women bleach their skin; or down their sisters that decide to embrace their natural kink's, coils, and luscious curls. Trying to conform to the industry's standard of beauty only pits us against one another - Hold that thought, because that's definitely a conversation we will have at another time. I felt a tangent coming on, so I needed to stop myself there.

[Some of my fav comments!]


  1. "The consensus in Los Angeles seems to be that if you are "lighter skinned, with long hair, and green eyes" you are an instant beauty."

    I grew up in L.A. and people actually get excited when they think you are mixed or you have "good hair." I grew up in an "every kind of color" neighborhood, which was very nice, but the problem was still there.

    I didn't really see a lot of Black girls wear natural styles, either. It tended to be flat-ironed most of the time. It was probably because the Black men loved them some Blonde,Asian, and Spanish girls- (the long hair "not too dark, please!" kind.) Black is beautiful,too, suckas!

    Superficiality is everywhere (in America, lol)and L.A. has it bad, based on my life there. I am due for a visit though, I still miss it<3

    And thanks for having a giveaway, those are ALWAYS lovely!

  2. Here, Here! You make a good point. I think true beauty is feeling the love for your worth and following through with that thought. Let the 'black men' who love Blonde, Asian chicks etc have them while I mess with men who are into me and treat me right.Love is having the courage to rock your style and life your way(in my case it's natural/straight/wigs on a whim and I will not apologize for this).

    Black IS beautiful and I'm right in there with my chocolate big lovely self. Whenever someone says otherwise I give them my stare, don't waste my time arguing(why should I?) and dismiss them. It's funny how quickly most of them recover from the stupidity. If not, I'm not missing them cause they're not around to break my flow.
    The secret is surrounding yourself with people who believe and know your worth(you should be the first member on that team).

    The point of this excess of positive babble & grammatically incorrect essay? Ignore the critics and DO YOU - We were not meant to fit the mold. Let the followers have it. Have a GREAT DAY everyone! :)

  3. Great comments everyone and I AGREE WHOLEHEARTEDLY!


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