Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Where the Wild Things Are | Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air - Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is yet another 'what I wore post' consisting of pieces that are mostly from Forever 21. I nabbed that little sweater for a measly $2.99, and you may or may not remember my blue jumper from this post.

The weather is still schizophrenic in L.A so I have been forced to wear stockings if I want to wear anything other than pants. I don't mind though, I have been slacking on my fitness regimen, so stockings are a great way to neatly tuck everything into place when you aren't quite toned.

If you are on a budget [like me] and want to revamp your look without shelling out too mas dinero; I would suggest adding pops of color to your existing wardrobe. Re-work that little black dress by adding a muted pink, or burnt orange shoe.
I picked up these Report Slingbacks from one of Macy's major end of year sales last year, and they are quite comfy. I love the silhouette of these shoes! Adding shoes with round toes, and platform style heels is another way to revamp your wardrobe without having to buy a stitch of clothing.
    The inner part of the heel has a mirrored gold finish - Kind of reminds me of Studio 54.


  1. So cute. I want that outfit in my life... Love your hair tons too. I confess you are an hair idol... about to add a blue-black rinse (i could use henna n indigo but shipping is an arm n a leg) and put the scissor down!!!

  2. Cute outfit!!
    I really love your blush though! If you dont mind sharing what brand + colour is it? It reminds me of NARS Taj Mahal.

  3. Love the sweater! Did you nab that from F21 or elsewhere?


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