Thursday, March 25, 2010

Those Who Danced Were Thought to Be Quite Insane By Those Who Could Not Hear The Music - Angela Monet

As you can tell...I love quotes. One of my favorite quotes is one by Oscar Wilde; he states,  To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all. -

So I have a question ladies [and gents], what's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear living, existing & surviving? I would love to hear your thoughts on that. Doesn't have to be lengthy, preferably the first thought that enters your mind.

I'll tell you mine..
Living: Doing what you love. Living in the moment. No restraints. Happy.
Existing: Rules. Boundaries. Restraint. Stagnant.
Surviving: Perseverance. Exhausted. Adversity. Hardships.

{Top: Forever 21 + Pants: Can't remember, I got them from Barney's Co-op +      Purse: Downtown Los Angeles Fashion District + Lipstick: Lustering MAC}


  1. love this, I hav a white pants and i simply dont like it but now i hav an idea of what 2 combine it with............thankz!

  2. i'm doing everything possible to LIVE...greaat post!

  3. LIVING: Enjoying the moment "NOW" and taking advantage of the gifts you were given by God.
    EXISTING: Blindly walking through life without PURPOSE/DRIVE...
    SURVIVING: Staying just above water; u can go up or down....

  4. Beautiful pics! I don't do white pants because I have much hips and toosch to tuck in them, lol. But the outfit looks great on you sis. And you're right, we must live, live, LIVE! That's my mantra for '10. I'll be 30 in exactly 6 months. Just coming to this realization. Ah well, better late than never right?

  5. *Living:Freedom, My own boss, Doing what I love.

    *Existing:No passion for life.

    *Surviving:Waking up everyday, doing the same thing over and over again.

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  7. Living: being happy: content in your own skin, excepting your flaws and not living in regret but rather in growth

    Existing: without dreams or goals, eating breathing and paying the bills

    Surviving: doing the only thing you know how to do. Survive, the basics of life, perhaps not always living by the books, probably feeling limited and without choice...

    my two cents.. =}
    (sorry my last post had horrible

  8. Luv'N what Tina said!

    Nik this is what I mean about putting things out there that make you think. Luv, luv it!

  9. Living is Loving
    Existing is Maintaining
    Surviving is Exhausting!

  10. Living: Taking chances and doing what makes you feel alive.

    Existing: Being safe and following the status quo without regard to your happiness.

    Surviving: Doing only what you have to do with no motivation to do anything else.

  11. All I know is that I feel like I'm surviving more than living. Part of that is my attitude of not letting go of all the negativity. I have to work on this EVERY day.

    Living is having it all
    Existing is comfortable
    Suriving is tough

  12. You make Forever 21 look Haute!

    Living: Being completely aware of THIS moment because that's all there is!! Not letting my thoughts cloud reality.

    Existing: Just being without BEing.

    Surviving: An illusion.

  13. I always love your outfits!! If you don't mind me asking how tall are you and about how much do you weigh? I know it's taboo to ask how much do you weigh. I'm only asking because I am in the process of losing weight for health reasons and I think you are the perfect size (not to skinny, slim and shapely. I'm using you as my model if you are over 5'7"!!!! You can tell me to mind my I'l still use you as my,lol

  14. Living: Abiding in CHRIST
    Existing: Being created (everything that was created exists)
    Surving: Trusting and obeying CHRIST to get you through this crazy world and all the tests that life brings.

    Love the outfit!

  15. @Seygra 20 Not a problem! Thank you for stopping by :-)

    @Nawala Thank you chica! Me too

    @Ch3rRy BuBbleGum I totally agree with you 110%

    @Ms. Princess Hey, we all come around right when we are supposed to! I am just now having the realization, yet it is never too late to live! And when is having too much toosch a problem??? LOOLLLL!

    @Encourage and Uplift Definitely, I hope to one day TRULY live, I am almost there though. Half of the battle is being able to differentiate the three!

    @Robyn's Nest I LOVE IT! Hey that was poetic. Sums it up quite perfectly though.

    @Savannah I definitely agree w/you Savannah, I have survived, I have existed, now I want to live!

    @Chrissystina You know they say knowing is half the battle. Heck yeah it's tough, but you can definitely get through it. Let that negativity go.I so appreciate your realness :-)

    @telltammy Ha Ha! Thank you Tam! I agree with you 110% Now we need to hang out soon!

    @Marsha (BrownFace) I was cracking up! Ok sooo ya ready..I am 5'8 140lbs. Thanks for the compliment! I could use some toning in some

    @Mrs. Denga AGREED!! And you are right, everything created "exists" - I love to see all the different perspectives on this subject.


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