Friday, March 19, 2010

Product Rave! - Oyin's Shine & Define

This week I received a few emails about the product I used in the photo above, and from this post. I wanted to wait until I knew for sure Oyin's Shine & Define was a keeper before running down the halls proclaiming my love for it! I must admit, I had Oyin's Shine & Define sitting in my medicine cabinet for a few months before I finally used it out of necessity. I ran out of Miss Jessie's CP, and I needed something to braid my hair with. I reluctantly grabbed the OS&D and began braiding my hair.

Early on, I wasn't convinced that anything spectacular was going to happen, it had almost a thin butter-like consistency so my hopes weren't too high [products w/that consistency usually do nothing for my hair]. The sheen in the beginning was ok too. However when I took down my braids, my hair was super soft, shiny, and very defined. I was pleasantly surprised, as Shine & Define was the only product I have used to date that can even compete with the definition and sheen that I get from Miss Jessie's CP. Shine & Define also gets bonus points for being the first all natural product that can give me results like this!

I normally order all of my Oyin's products via Naturally Curly because their shipping is unbelievably fast [I'm talking same week fast!]. The price is $11 for 4oz, but trust it will take a while before you use an entire jar of this stuff. You don't need to pile it on, a little goes a long way.

To achieve this look, I did the following:
  • Shampooed hair w/Lanza Daily Clarifying Shampoo [Love this stuff, it is my new favorite clarifying poo]
  • Conditioned hair w/Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Conditioner
  • Used Paul Mitchell The Conditioner as my leave-in
  • Braided my hair in 8 big braids [2 in the front, 2 in the back on each side] using Shine & Define
  • Let air dry for about 16 hours or about 1hour underneath a Pibbs dryer. [The braids are soo thick, it takes a while to dry]
  • Take down braids with oil of the day [usually Afroveda's Sunsilk Citrus Oil, or Monoi De Tahiti]
  • Run my fingers through my hair, fluff, and go!


  1. i love your hair! i use to use oyin handmade all the time when I was natural :(

  2. Okay I'm sold... i mean been wanting to try oyins products for yrs now.. not so crazy about price n shipping though but thats life...

  3. Your hair is out of this world AMAZING!!!


  5. @Olivia Thank you very much! I love Oyin, although I could probably use it a bit more than I do.

    @Trecia Don't you hate that? I hate it too, I wish I could get some of my fav products on ground but ehhh..Gotta do what we gotta..

    @I BLEED PINK thank you very much!

    @NATHALIE Thank you very much! I appreciate it :-)

  6. Absolutely gorgeous! What brand/name LIPSTICK is that?????

  7. I tried the oyin and paul mitchell last night for a braid-out. Although the braidout was an epic hair feels GREAT! I will definitely be adding The Conditioner as a staple.


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