Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Braidout Video!

Oh boy. It took me about F I V E HOURS to wrap my brain around uploading HD videos to youtube. I have seriously been at this since 8:30AM this morning. However it's up now, and all is well! The video is still processing, so it may take it moment for it to be available in true HD.

Here lately I have been experimenting with different braidout techniques. Out of pure laziness one day, I did about 8 braids instead of my normal 15-20, and I liked the outcome. Using 8 braids as opposed to 20 makes for a bigger, wavier, less defined look [on my hair at least], and my braiding time is only 10 minutes to boot!

The only drawback for me is that this style only really lasts about 2-3 days before I need to re-braid it at night vs the style I can don for a week or more using 15-20 braids. 

It's been a minute since I did a YouTube video, so I have a few more coming your way in the near future [Henna Tut, & Wash & Go w/Eco Styler Tut]! I hope you enjoy!

To achieve this look, I used the following products:
Leave-In Conditioner - Sebastian Potion #9
Styler - Oyin's Shine & Define
Secondary Styler - Frederic Fekkai Glossing Cream
Moisturizer - Oyin's Juices & Berries
Oil - Afroveda Citrus Sunsilk Hair Oil


  1. Okay Mop Top! Very informative!! I now realize why mine wasn't working! I wasn't dividing the hair in equal parts. My 5 year old just said, "Wow! She has a lot of hair!"

  2. I haven't had the chance to check out the YT vid yet but I will. Just wanted to comment "PLEASE put up the Eco Styler gel WnG tut!!" I just BC'd a month ago and I've been asking around what prods are prefered for a WnG. Anticipating this style for the warm weather (I live on the East Coast). I bought my Eco yesterday...just gotta figure out how to use it now, lol.

  3. Your hair is so nice and thick! I cant wait to go natural one day so i can experience this.


  5. You already know I am loving the hair, but I had to comment on the quality of the video...LOVE IT!!! My hubby is a filmmaker, so I can definitely appreciate good quality video!!!

  6. this is my go-to style
    oyinhandmade shine & define = my love

    gahhh your hair is so thick and lovely. i'm so impatiently waiting for mine to grow out

  7. so because of this video and all of your fabulousness, my hair is currently drying in my 8 big braids. I went natural recently and was thinking of escaping back to the weaving bc i cant seem to find a simple way to style my hair into ultra cutedom.

    enter you. THANK YOU for this. I kept from the braidouts for a number of reasons but i loovee how your hair came out with the 8

    i have decent length and thickness- am excited to see how it comes out


  8. @Mikimu Thank You!

    @telltammy Ha!! Let me know how it turns out, and you know you can always call me if you need assistance!

    @Ms. Princess I hope you love that stuff as much as I do! I am definitely working on getting it up asap, this editing crap is no joke LOL They need to make something a bit more user friendly than imovie [or maybe i need a couple of classes]! LOL

    @LadyTaurus Thank you! I would imagine you could try out the same look on relaxed hair. Just roll the ends with a roller/perm rod.

    @Encourage and Uplift Thank You!

    @zak attack Thank You!!

    @Robyn's Nest WHAT?!?! Thank you! I truly appreciate the compliment!

    @pb™ I am a little late on Shine & Define, I ought to slap myself for not trying this sooner! LOL

    @Anonymous Thank you! Thank you, thank you! I appreciate the love :-) I hope you are pleased with the outcome once you take them out! - Make sure your hair is completely dry too, as those big braids sometimes take forever to dry!

  9. OH my gosh your hair is gorgeous.
    Do you detangle after you deep condition? i always do it before, in the shower! how is your hair sooo stretched out after wasing tho??
    AND LOVE LOVE YOUR STYLE!!!i have those topshop earrings :) gorgeous ring too!!

  10. Keep the tuts coming!!!!! Love love your hair!

  11. Hello I like your videos.. very helpful.. I just wanted to know after you wash your hair what do you do to it afterwards before you do your braid outs or twist outs? blow dry? air dry? I have a similar texture as yours and I would need to blow dry after washing because its thick..

  12. @Anonymous, thank you very much! I do not air dry or blow dry after I shampoo/condition. I simply detangle thoroughly and twist or braid!

  13. Oh ok.. you have length to your hair after its washed, my hair just shrinks.. I noticed that your hair is thicker and fuller from your new pics on your home page..(very nice) you should make a another tutorial of how your hair is now.. I really like it a lot..


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