Thursday, March 11, 2010

Longer Stronger Nails | Essie Product Review + OPI Haul

For as long as I can remember, I have had a major problem with weak, brittle nails! I haven't worn acrylic nails in years, yet my nails are thin, and crack easily. I have tried almost everything under the sun, yet nothing worked.

I went to Ulta a while ago looking for new polish, and I ran across these two products by Essie. Desperate [yet with no real expectation], I bought them both. I experimented with both products and I have to say that I love them when used in conjunction with one another. I didn't get the same results when I used one product vs. the other. The 3-way glaze can actually be used as a base coat AND a top coat, however I got better results when I used this specifically as a top coat. 

After about three consecutive weeks of using both of these products, my nails no longer have those pesky cracks, dents, and ridges, and they are much stronger. I also like how the base coat and 3 way glaze gives me a cleaner, glossier, mani-pedi.

Here are the product claims for each product:
Essie Protein Base Coat ($8.00): Enriches nails using hydrolyzed vegetable proteins to promote strength and elasticity. Protein Base coat prevents breaking, cracking and chipping with a protein rich formula. For use after acrylics to improve nails. Also provides a strong foundation for healthy nails.

Essie 3-Way Glaze ($8.00): 3-Way Glaze is a base coat, topcoat and nail hardener all in one. 3-Way Glaze can be worn as a basecoat to naturally harden and effectively protect nail polish. Leaves nails with a high gloss finish. Apply 3-Way Glaze as a base coat on clean nails. After applying 2 coats of color, apply 3-Way Glaze as a topcoat to seal in color and strengthen nails.
Below are some of my new colors I picked up from ULTA

Top Left: Done Out In Deco - Top Right: Java Mauve-A

Bottom Left: Conquistadorable Color - Bottom Right: No Room For The Blues


  1. I ran right out and purchased both products as soon as you told me about them! I can only hope that my nails turn out looking half as good as yours!

  2. How long does your polish usually last. I have problems with chipping the next day when I try to paint my nails, so I rarely do.

  3. The best thing for growing and strengthening your nails is Nail Magic. It's available at Sally's for about $7 and this stuff really works wonders. My nails are strong and healthy and grow so fast. Be careful to not let this get on your cuticle too much because it can cause issues, but other than that, it's an amazing product.

  4. @ Encourage and Uplift - When you give yourself a manicure, it's suggested that you reapply a top coat every few days. That could help to really make it last.

  5. @South Loop Social Light Just send me a list of everything you use!!! I feel like logging off, and running to Sally's...loll I will definitely pick some up this weekend and see how it works.

    @Robyn's Nest You won't be disappointed, I have tried almost everything. Polish, pills, milk, cheese..nothing worked. This was the first thing that actually worked...let me know how it works for you!

    @Encourage and Uplift Yes, doing what @South Loop Social Light said will help you extend a mani! I can get a good week and some change out of mine.

  6. @ Mop Top Maven - I really only use "Nail Magic" as my nail hardener/strengthener. I've been using it since like 2000 when my aunt recommended it to me. Never had a reason to jump ship. It's truly a great product and worth of the "magic" in the name. Plus, it can be used as a base or top coat. I just went to Sally's tonight. lol... but I grabbed a soft bonnet so I can try some new styles.

  7. One of my coworkers had beautiful long nails and I asked her what her secret was. And honestly, the simplicity of it made it sound too basic to work. She files her nails straight across.Thats it.She doesnt do the side, cause it causes breakage. She said she sometimes adds a clear coat of polish.And ladies I can tell you for myself, it works!


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