Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Herbal Hair Rinses

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I must admit, I do not tea rinse as much as I would like to. Although in a perfect world, I would make use of all of my ingredients, and I would have them at the ready. To make it a bit easier I decided to premix my herbs in little muslin tea bags, store them in a mason jar for safe keeping, and place the jar next to my shampoo.

I get most of my herbs from my local health food store, however if I want to buy in bulk, Mountain Rose Herbs is my first choice. If you do order herbs in bulk, make sure to store them in an airtight container [to keep them fresh, and to keep mites/bugs out], I like to use these heat sealable poly bags.

Now just to clarify a bit, I call it "tea rinsing" but I actually use herbs instead of tea. I do this because I like the properties of the herbs I use a lot better than tea, and rinsing with herbs doesn't leave your hair feeling hard like tea often does. Another plus is that you can "prescribe" different herbs to naturally, and effectively combat different issues with your hair. Here are a few simple recipes that you can make for your final rinses:

Breakage: 1 Tsp Blue Malva Herb + 1 Tsp Irish Moss + 1 Tsp Hibiscus Powder - Perfect for ladies who are transitioning

Dandruff: 1 Tsp Neem Powder + 1 Tsp White Willow Bark + 1 Tsp Burdock Root

Growth:  1 Tsp Sting Nettle + 1 Tsp Horsetail + 1 Tsp Peppermint + 1 Tsp Basil

Condition/Shine: 1 Tsp Horsetail + 1 Tsp Stinging Nettle + 2 Tsp Hibiscus Powder + 1 Tsp Coltsfoot + 1 Tsp Parsley

Detangling/Conditioning: 1 Tsp Irish Moss + 1 Tsp Marshmallow Root + 1 Tsp  Stinging Nettle + 1 Tsp Coltsfoot + 2 Tsp Hibiscus Powder + 1 Tsp Blue Malva

To use bags, steep one "tea bag" in hot water until cool. If you like, you can add your favorite essential oil [I love adding Rosemary EO for crazy sheen] to the water after it has cooled. Never add EO's to hot water, as they lose their therapeutic properties.

Pour the mixture over your entire head. You can also place a large bowl in the sink to "catch" the water, and repeat the process ensuring you get even coverage. Towel dry hair, and style as usual.




  2. Thanks for the tips!

  3. do you boil all the herbs together?

  4. @NATHALIE You're welcome! Glad you found it useful!

    @Violet No problem, thank you for stopping by!

    @NATHALIE Well, you throw all the herbs in a tea bag [if you have one] in hot water. You don't want to boil the herbs. You want to make it like tea. So heat up some water, pour it into a bowl, then drop your teabag in and allow it to steep.

    If you don't have a tea bag, then just pour the water over all of the loose herbs, and allow them to steep. Then strain the mixture through a sieve!

  5. Thanks for this.. So how many cups do you use with one tea bag of mixture??

  6. I think you are amazing and I appreciate and value the info that you share so freely.
    Thank you so much. How much water do you use?


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