Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Do You Know Where You're Going To; Do you Like the Things That Life is Showing You

Here lately I have been reading all of the things said about Gabourey Sidebe, and it really hurts my heart. People can really be cruel. I can only imagine what it would feel like to come that far, only to get panned not because of your lack of talent; but your physical appearance. While I agree that she should lose some weight [strictly for health reasons], I don't think she should conform to the "stick thin" image that most of the Hollywood execs are shoving down our throats these days.

I started to wonder, if she had to do it all again would she? I was teased a lot as a child, and some days it was unbearable. Being a tall, lanky kid with bucked teeth, and glasses really didn't help me climb the social ladder in school. In fact, I became somewhat of an introvert. So I can definitely empathize with Gabourey. More importantly, I respect her.

She wears a wig; so what, she wears powder blue Uggs with a checkered jacket; who cares. Newsflash! everyone has their days. Some more than others, and that should be ok. In the grand scheme of things, is it really that important?

Now don't get me wrong, I love looking my best. Honestly, I feel good when I look good. And if I ever held a position which meant I was to be a regular in the public-eye, I may even try a little more than I normally do. However, I couldn't, and I wouldn't be "on" all the time. Who would I be living for if I did that? Chasing the approval of everyone will turn you into a maniac. Ask the many celebs that are hooked on prescription drugs.

Sorry for my long-winded rant. -

I am wearing an outfit from Forever 21. The cotton yellow dress I got last summer. The black and white wrap shirt I got a few weeks ago for $2.99 during their blowout of a sale. My ring, and bracelets were also from Forever. - My purse I scored for about $5 downtown in the fashion district. - My boots are Michael Kors.


  1. My gosh, what does it take to be that creative with outfits? That looks like something I'd do with colors & patterns, but it looks awesome on you!

    & I agree with your opening thoughts. I was afraid to even see the movie until I found the right person to watch it with b/c I didn't want ppl making comments & ruining it for me. & being picked on is NOT fun. I was funny shaped, acne prone, & nerdy. Middle school was a DISASTER, with the proof engraved in my diary. She gets my respect as well.

  2. totally agree on everything you said early in the post, it is sad that society puts such tight reins on what is normal and what one should look like.

    btw I always love your outfits-very well put together.

  3. I respect Gabby, too. I have had serious weight issues and insecurites about my weight since I was in the second grade. She does need to lose weight (because being that big is not going to get her to avoid heart disease, diabetes, and the like), just like I need to so that I can be healthy. Some people, especially my black girl stars, had a serious hair complex growing up, I had a weight complex.
    Gabby is the shiz, but I did not care for the movie Precious. I saw it with a mostly all-white audience and every scene made me cringe when I saw that they were seeing this. Ugh

  4. I agree with you about Gabourey. Gabourey is a beauty and is talented. I do hope gets her weight on track, nevertheless no one should make such remarks to make her feel less than.

    Omg! I really need to step up my style game! :/ Your outfit is beautiful and so is your hair!

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  6. Yesterday I had a desire to listen to that song! We're insync!
    I discovered your blog about a month ago. I have been transitioning for 8 months. Moptop Maven is now my daily internet obsession. Please don't ever go away. =)
    - Shari (DC)

  7. Everything you said was spot on! Its really sad but I know Gabby will persevere because she has a beautiful spirit.

    Also your style is awesome, I LOVE it!

  8. So that outfit is really cute!!! I'm from Cali but I live in South Korea for now (teaching) and its been snowing and it's still cold :( so I envy the dresses and jumpers you get to wear!!! That’s definitely a cute fit and Korean approved...they have such funky style like yours...

    If Gabourey loves being that big then that’s her prerogative, what she eats doesn’t make me or anybody else s@*t. The US is a nation of obesity and its outrageous how unhealthy Americans eat....then again anorexia is major problem as well…..I had one big friend growing up but a plethora of friends that put their fingers down their throats....eeccckkkkk

  9. I think it's horrible that people can't get past a persons looks to see who they truly are and what they have to offer the world.

  10. @Lexxaye Thank you! It's just layering and playing with colors. Try mixing patterns, and colors. Just have fun! Sometimes I like to match, and sometimes I don't. It's fun to switch things up every now and then. - The old diary! I had some pretty horrible entries myself! LOL Aren't you glad those days are over??

    @Sarai Thank you very much! I think it's society's way of keeping people oppressed. I hate using that word, but it's true. Society is like that abusive boyfriend that dwindles you down and tells you are nothing unless you do "this", or "that".

    @Chrissystina Precious is definitely one of those hate it or love it movies. It has stirred up many heated convo's between my friends. I do agree about her needing to lose weight for health reasons, and I hope she does so. However I hope she doesn't go overboard with it to appease the masses.

    @Olivia I agree, the comments made about her were cruel. Celebs are human being with emotions just like us 9-5'ers, and sometimes people get their signals crossed thinking celebs are made from teflon.

    @Anonymous I love that song!! I love the movie! Thank you very much for stopping by, I truly appreciate it.

    @jlowman1 Thank you! I hope she does continue, I would love to see her around for awhile! She is a breath of fresh air to me.

    @Anonymous Thank you! I absolutely LOVE their style! From time to time I envy those that get to experience snow :-/ I don't think I would like it all the time, but I would like to experience "real" seasons.

    @Encourage and Uplift I completely agree!

  11. I am so freaking in love with this outfit!!!!!!!!! I just got some FAB vintage pieces I should do some of these type posts.

  12. @Marsha (BrownFace) Thank you!!! I wanna see! Definitely do some what I wore posts...I would love to oogle over your pieces :-)

  13. You are sooooo beautiful! I'm talking about the beauty that hurts my eyes and blows my mind at the same time!! I look forward to someday being on your level.....anyway, it's amazing that you can be so pretty and yet not feel the need to put down people like Gabourey. Keep up the blog, I love reading it!

  14. What shade of lipstick do you wear? We're about the same complexion and I'm looking for something similarly bold. Love your blog!

  15. @anonymous Thank You! I wear Ruby Woo by MAC


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