Tuesday, March 2, 2010

DIY Frayed Fabric Rosette Neclace

I love rosette bib statement necklaces, however buying them can cost a pretty penny. This necklace can easily be made with scrap fabric for about 1/6th of the retail cost.

You can make this out of any fabric, however I recommend using cottons over silky fabrics, as cotton frays easily. Also keep in mind a color scheme when picking out your fabrics, using a print with a solid color is always visually appealing.

You will need:

Scraps of fabric [45" in length]
Glue Fun
Extra Fabric [to cover felt]
End Fasteners

Above are a few different fabric options; Notice how I have a matching solid to go with my prints - Pick your fabric and "rip" pieces that are about an inch wide. Don't worry, it does not have to be perfect.

After making your strips, fold the strip in half. Make a knot in the middle of the strip [you will have two free ends], then begin to twist the two ends together.

After twisting the free ends, begin to wrap the twisted section around the knot, and hot glue the rosette as you go.

Cut your pattern for your bib necklace out of felt - 
Take your rosettes and begin to glue them onto the felt, use smaller sizes of rosette's to help fill in gaps; don't worry about the white areas around the edges of the necklace, you will cut that off when you are done.
Now trim away all of the excess felt around the edges of the necklace. At this point, hot glue your cord across the back of the necklace. - If you would like to make the back of the necklace a little neater, hot glue some scrap fabric on top of the back, then trim away the edges. 
Add your end fasteners, and you are good to go!


  1. I need a glue gun! I haven't used one since I made a model mission in fourth grade.Where do you get all theses cool DIY necklace ideas? They're very, very pleasing to my eyes:-D

  2. Ooooo I luv you long time! I am so gonna make one! Just need to run out n buy a hot glue gun. I'm going to post it on my creative blog (stylnprofyln.blogspot.com) and I'll email you pics. Thanks for sharing. :D

  3. Ok... SO your blog is awesomeness....

  4. I might just try this. This method could be used for earrings as well. Mmmm....

  5. You are adorable! I love these creative little classes. Really beautiful


  6. OMG. i had to whip out all of my crafting supplies and make this ASAP. Came out great! Keep these coming!

  7. Beautiful! I just may give this a shot

  8. You're very creative, looks exactly like what you would buy at a store! :)

  9. @Chrissystina HAH! I used to love making Missions! I have an inspiration book with tons of cut outs from magazines. I really don't like spending money on things I can make myself :-) - You better get a glue gun, and get to crafting! ;-)

    @Milan HYSTERICAL!!!! And please do post it, I am following your style blog

  10. @Star Thank you!!!

    @Mrs. Denga Yes! Earrings, Headbands, Hair Pins the works!

    @SaraKateSwan Thank you!! Maybe one day I an get to your level :-)

    @Monica HA! Great, gotta love something that is quick, easy, and looks nice!

    @Deborah Try it, you won't be disappointed!

    @Olivia thank you very much chica! I am amazed at the cost of some of those necklaces too!

  11. Omg once i saw the first picture of this post my jaw dropped and I knew i had to do this right away lol. I see these necklaces on etsy for like $60 but now I can make my own. Plus I have a bunch of scrap fabric that I was going to throw out, but now I can use it. Just have to get a hot glue gun now. Thank you for this post

  12. @Anonymous, LOLLLL Thank you! And heck yeah; I see them on Etsy all the time...and when I see the price, I am like sheessh!

    This is a good way to use up all of that scrap fabric! Hot glue guns are inexpensive too!

  13. Hey it's Anonymous again! I tried this project and it didn't really come out right. I have a question: when you twist the fabric how do you keep it from unraveling as you glue? I tried braiding the fabric but the end result isn't the same. Also how do you keep the glue from getting too messy?

  14. it is a good share,wonderful post,thank you


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