Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Benefits of Circuit Training

 {source: I Mean Fashion}

Oh the irony of posting a workout routine after my Braised Beef post. After eating 2lbs of beef, a trip to the gym is definitely in my future. However if you are anything like me then you loathe working out. At times I have my die hard gym-junkie moments, but for the most part; I'm just not that into it.

I tend to lean towards fitness routines like kettlebell training, or circuit training because it's almost like your one-stop-workout-shop. Recently while researching some routines to try at home, I came across BodyRock.Tv on Youtube [gotta love YouTube] and I was immediately impressed. A lot of the excercises featured on Zuzanna's video's were very similar to that included in the bootcamp classes at my gym.

Here are some of the many benefits of circuit training;
  • Helps you burn more fat than traditional workout regimens
  • Improves endurance
  • Circuit training incorporates numerous muscle groups which is typically said to be more effective than spending time on a piece of equipment that focuses on one muscle group
  • Perfect for toning and developing strength
  • Perfect for those with time restraints
  • Speeds up the rates in which muscles repair themselves
  • Cardio & Resistance training in one workout session
  • Most equipment is inexpensive to get started [medicine balls, jump ropes, weights]
  • Helps you achieve maximum results, in a minimal amount of time
In order to make sure that you achieve the optimal results from circuit training, you must keep the following things in mind;
  • The effectiveness of the workout is in part decided on the intensity level and speed at which the exercises are performed
  • The number of different exercises performed
  • The variety of exercises performed during the training [diversity is good]
The series of videos below should offer a solid circuit training regimen to get you on your way! Get your iPod playlists together! 


  1. Lol...I just found her Youtube videos too. I am addicted to her and Sarah from diet.com videos!

  2. The only thing that could come out of my mouth was "Oh hell no". LOL!! I watched the one leg squat though so that explains that reaction. 2 seconds later I decided I'm trying it tomorrow. She did it with such ease too!


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