Monday, February 8, 2010

Recession Friendly Pampering: The Korean Day Spa

[I will take her skin & hair. Source: Aminah]

Sometimes we women get so caught up in the day to day that we don't stop to pamper ourselves. We are chef's, nurturers, taxi drivers, mothers, girlfriends, and many times the rock of our household. It is difficult to stop and enjoy ourselves in between carrying out our assigned "gender roles". 

One of my New Years resolutions was to do more things for me, take better care of myself. I deserve it right? My body is my temple, and I was only blessed with one of them. For the past few days, I have seriously considered going to a Korean Day Spa! The only deterrent for me is that you have to strip down to your birthday suit. Everyone, with the exception of the Korean women performing the services is naked.
For a girl like me, prancing around from the steam room, to the shower, and back again around a group strangers doesn't sound like my idea of R&R. To be fair though, nobody is concerned with looking at your lady parts. From what I understand, the air of the Korean Day Spa is pretty laid back.

As the days pass, my inner voice is telling me to get over it, and experience detoxification and relaxation the Korean way.

I think it was the 40 minute body scrub for $45 that got me hook line and sinker, as their prices are definitely recession friendly. You can also get an hour long facial for $70 which is almost unheard of here in Los Angeles. It's a no frills day spa so don't expect cucumber water, and towels scented with the calming properties of lavender essential oil, instead you get thorough procedures with unlimited use of the spa's amenities such as the hot/cold bath, wet/dry sauna and shower stalls. -

If you are in the L.A area [If you aren't, you can also check Korea Town in your area], check out these Korean Day Spa's, did I mention that they are all open 24 Hours?

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  1. Just discovered your blog and love it!! I am currently living in Korea and frequent the spa about once a week. It has done wonders for my skin and hair. It took me a while to get over the naked part, but once you strip and start enjoying the baths you forget about it. The best part is having the older women, ajummas in Korean, scrub you down and get rid of all the dead skin. Most amazing part ever. Love it, love it, love and would recommend it to everyone.


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