Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Know First, Who You Are; and Then Adorn Yourself Accordingly - Epictetus

I think I am starting to like this dressing room thing way too much. I had every intention on going to the mall to exchange my foundation, but somehow I wound up @ Bloomingdale's trying on clothes. Double-edged sword; it's fun picking out things to try on, and not so fun when you can't take any of them back home with you.

I liked this flapper-style dress by Joie [Leather cropped jacked also by Joie], I may have to keep my eye on it in hopes it gets marked down, way down. The damage on this dress? $398.00

I love the juxtaposition of the leather jacket, and feminine details on the dress!

Raw Suede Pleated Shorts, Lace Top, Cropped Jacket all by Joie
This Marc Jacobs sweater was super comfy, and perfect for a rainy day like today! I threw a ruffled dress underneath to dress it up a bit. Leggings/Opaque Tights & High Boots would complete the look. 

I loved this Marc Jacobs top, which totally overshadowed the fact that it took me 5 minutes to put on. The skinny jeans are Marc Jacobs as well.


  1. How flippin cute are them damn grey jeans!!! I WANT THOSE ASAP!! =} Love this whole blog! makes me wanna go shopping....

  2. you make me look at my style so differently now. I love how you mix pieces together - I need help :)

  3. @Tina, I want those too! BAD!! - Thanks Tina!

  4. @Anonymous, thank you very much! I am sure you have lovely style, we always tend to be so hard on ourselves :-)

    Here is a quick little tip: Layering pieces is an easy way to make an outfit pop. For instance, if you wear t-shirt and jeans, try adding a cropped jacket, and a scarf to add a little more to the outfit. You can almost never go wrong when you layer!

  5. Love your shooting style and that lace top is such a killer! And girlie damage well done that flapper style dress looks so good on you!

    Happy I stumbled on your blog :)
    Cheers, Jesa

  6. I love your blog, great style!!

  7. what camera are you using?

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