Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tone Up Your Skin, The Ayurvedic Way

This is one of my favorite recipe's for a quick yet effect at-home facial. Not only are most of the ingredients in the box, this recipe is 100% natural. Another benefit? It won't break the bank like a day at Burke Williams will. The ingredients needed for this facial recipe will set you back a whopping $8.00 [which is about 15-20 applications], not bad eh?

The benefits aren't too shabby either if you like soft, clear, smooth, blemish free, glowing skin. This is the claim on the back of the box:

Hesh Pharma Naturoriche Skin-Toneup Powder is packed with nature's most basic healer and conditioner - Fuller's Earth, or what is popularly known as Multani Mati. The blend contains minerals and healing agents that are active in the particular soil. This helps remove grime and other impurities from the pores of the skin.
Regular use of Hesh Pharma Naturoriche Skin-Toneup Powder leads to fresh and rosy skin. The blend also contains sandalwood extracts, rose extracts and orange peel.
These are proven healers and coolants that cure minor skin ailments, protects the skin and helps the ingredients reach the inner layers.

Briefly, 'Hesh Skin Toneup' has the following advantages:
* removes dirt and grime from skin pores
* maintains natural oil balance
* adds glow to the skin
* treats minor skin infections.
 Here are the ingredients:

Aloe, Harida, Chandan, Amla, Masurdal Powder, Wala, Jasat Bhasma, Shalmalikantak, Orange Powder, Rose Powder, Neem Powder, Multani Mati

I purchased the Rose Water and Skin Tone Up Powder in Little India [Artesia, CA] at Pioneer Cash & Carry. Their prices are much cheaper than my local Indian Grocer, and they have much more of a selection. The Rose Water is $2, and the Skin Tone Up Powder is $2 as well.

So here's how it works;

[This recipe yields (2) applications] - In a bowl add (3) Tablespoons of Skin Tone Up Mix

Add (3) Tablespoons of Rose Water, and (1) Teaspoon of Honey. Mix well until it is a thick pudding-like consistency.

Date Left-Overs [if you want]. Refrigerate, and store in a airtight bag. Because I introduced water into this mixture, I keep this no longer than two days.

  • Apply all over face, taking special caution around the eye area
  • Massage into skin in a circular motion
  • Leave on for 15-20 minutes
  • Rinse with lukewarm water, and a warm towel.
  • Cover your face with a clean hot/warm towel for about 1 minute
  • Pat dry with a clean dry towel [don't rub]
  • Apply your favorite moisturizer & Go Au Natural!


  1. Shouldn't it hold up for more than a couple days since there's honey in it, or is it not enough honey to keep it from getting nasty quickly?
    Jw. :)

  2. Good point, Honey can act as a natural preservative because of it's antibacterial properties. However I am not quite sure if it is enough honey in relation to the amount of water added.

    I say this because even though my bowls and spoons are clean while preparing the mix, they aren't sterile. Which means there is already a certain amount of microorganisms/bacteria present. Add to that the bacteria on your hands from spooning the mixture from the bowl to your face, your mixture can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

    I suppose if you started with sterile utensils, and used a sterile spatula [for example] to spoon the mixture from the bowl to your face, that it could keep much longer than a few days. You could also sub Manuka honey instead of regular honey, Manuka has a higher antibacterial content versus reg honey.

  3. Does it help clear acne?

  4. I purchased the multani mati from my threading salon and it was a whopping 7.99 now that I like the product I plan to buy it on amazon for 2 bucks a box. I wonder if I can find it cheaper somewhere else in Atlanta though. Thanks for this I love it and I can't wait til my skin looks as velvety as yours ;0)


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