Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Retail Therapy - My Mini Haul

There is nothing like treating yourself to a few goodies when you aren't feeling so hot. However the only problem is, I am on a SUPER BUDGET until further notice. One of my New Year's Resolutions was to spend more money investing in my future, and less on items that depreciate in value as soon as I leave the store. So with my micro budget in tow, I decided to make my way to Forever 21. I absolutely love this place, I can get super cute accessories, trendy pieces, and cute everyday frocks for little of nothing. I am not super into labels, I buy what I like!

Now since my braid-out was a disaster, I needed to figure out what I was going to do with my hair.  After much deliberation and some procrastination, I decided I would rock yet another ponytail [that was my only option]. I toyed between a whopping two whole looks;

I left out a little section near the nape to spruce it up a little

I wan't really feeling this from the front, I felt like I needed bangs, my forehead is so flippin huge. lol

So then I decided to take the bun down

Not quite sure how I felt about this. Maybe it was my Zoolander face that threw off my mojo.

I settled on the high bun.

This was by far my favorite outfit, this picture does not do this jumper justice!! The material was a luxe textured satin, the fit was killer, and it was super comfy, at $30 you can't beat it. I got the jeans that are flung over the door too, they fit very well ($27).

I didn't get this jacket, but looking at this picture, I kind of wish I had ($34). I wish you could see the military style details on the shoulder, that is what really made the jacket pop, the cut was flattering too. The ONLY reason I didn't get it is because of the material, it was polyester. So it kind of made the entire thing look cheap. I will try to find something like this at Zara's or Asos, the quality will be much better I am sure.

Another view of the jacket.

I love these, they remind me of jewelry Cleopatra would have worn. I love chunky, ethnic, statement jewelry. These aren't real gold [of course], so I would only wear them when I go out, which isn't that often.

1. $8.80 
2. $4.80
3. $6.80
If you don't have a Forever 21 in your area, and you want to check them out...they have a website! Shipping is fast, and cheap!


  1. Just wanted to say I totally love your hair and stlye! Would it be possible for you to do a makeup tutorial for us challenged girls out here?? lol

  2. Thank you very much!!! Makeup tutorials are definitely in the works!

  3. I love Forever 21! Although my new obsession is Etsy where I search for charms and other visual delights so I can make my own jewelry! You should check it

  4. Love your style (makeup, hair, fashion & personality)!! ;) Your shape is fierce - any health/fitness tips to share? hint, hint... ;)

  5. @Labelfreementality Etsy is going to be the DEATH of me!!!!! I get sucked in because their beads, charms, and other random supplies are so cheap. HOWEVER, I go MAD overboard so it adds up!!! Glad to meet a fellow Etsy shopper :-) Not to many folks know about it.

  6. @Kadej Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!! I will definitely put some health/fitness tips up. Although I must admit I am somewhat of a junk food junkie, but I am trying to make some much needed adjustments to my diet.

    KETTLEBELLS have REALLY helped me in the tummy department, and with toning up. I will have a post up about that next week. As they are really good for toning, strength training, sculpting, and burning tons calories. I am pretty lazy when it comes to working out, so I tend to like to do things that serve many purposes in one workout.

  7. @Marsha, I LOVE ZARA!!! You may wanna check em out now if you can. They are having a SALE (Jeans that are reg $79 and up are now $15-20, Dresses are also $15-20).

  8. 1. your hair is beautiful!
    2.the jacket doesn't photograph cheap it looks hot!
    3. you have great style

    ok I'm done :)


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