Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Must Have - The Heat Tester

[My mom uses the Golden Supreme Heat Tester now that I am embarking on a more healthy hair journey. In order to acheive straighter-sleeker results, she used the medium-high setting, vs the medium low I always use. Medium High is still within the "safe" temperature range for my hair texture]

One of the must have items that should be on every natural girl's list (if she presses her hair of course) is the Heat Tester by Golden Supreme. This can literally save you from irreversible heat damage due to using temperatures too high for your hair's texture. All you do, is hold your pressing comb over the heat tester's sensor, and it gives you a temperature reading (the lights indicate the temp of the comb). Boy how I wish I would have had this puppy about a year ago. Here's the claim from the manufacturer's website:

  • Gives reliable temperature range whether working on fine hair, processed hair or coarse hair.
  • 10 lights to indicate heat range, low, med. high.
  • Permits the stylist to determine the exact temperature needed in styling any type of hair from fine hair to hair that's been damaged from over treatment by chemicals to long and heavy coarse hair.

This is one of my tools that I use EVERY TIME I press. Some chica's use the "paper towel method" of testing their pressing comb on a paper towel prior to using it, if the paper towel turns brown/tan, then the comb is too hot. Now this method may not always be reliable because the comb may still be too hot for your hair type, even though it did not turn the paper towel tan/brown.

I have very coarse hair, and I use the medium - low indicator, this ensures that every single time the pressing comb touches my hair, it will be at the proper temperature. I think this is an indispensable tool, when you consider the benefits. This may also help a lot of you out there that want to press your hair, but are afraid of using heat improperly.

Golden Supreme's Heat Testers are available "on ground" in professional beauty supply stores. However, if you don't find one in your area, you can always order them online via Golden Supreme's website (retails @ $80.00).


  1. My mouth dropped while reading this, why didn't this exist when we were younger? I still cringe at the thought of the hot comb coming too close to my ear. Thats an amazing tool, I would make sure to have one if I pressed.

  2. Hello! I love everything about your blog! Did you purchase the heating stove for your pressing combs or do you still use the stove to heat your combs?


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