Thursday, January 7, 2010

Keeping Single Strand Knots at Bay - [Well, most of em]

[Nothing like some early morning curlspiration. I love her hair. source: Sutherland Models - Jessi M'Bengue]

One of the things I think comes with the territory of wearing your hair curly are those dreaded single strand knots/fairy knots. Last year when embarking on my natural hair journey I had tons of em, so much so that I went back to straightening on a regular basis [that was short lived]. Slowly I started inching back into wearing more natural hair styles, my affinity with long sleek hair was over, and I longed for BIG curly hair.

I started doing research on what I could do to try and keep them at bay, and after looking at tons of articles/blogs/youtube channels and the likes, I devised my own regimen. Operation Eliminate Single Strand Knots was in full force. So dolls, if you are struggling with split ends, and single strand knots, here are a few things that may help keep them to a minimum.

  • Invest in a GOOD detangling comb. I can't stress this enough. If you detangle while wet [as most people do], you are working with your hair in one of it's most fragile states. Your hair is worth the splurge, especially if it prevents set backs in the future. Here are some of my recommendations:
                      - Mason Pearson Detangling Comb [best hands down] - ($26.00 -
                      - Magic Star Jumbo Rake - ($17.50 - Hotcombs)
  • Shampoo & condition hair in sections OR braids instead of shampooing your whole head at once. This has helped me immensely, my hair is less prone to tangles and matting when I tackle it in sections, it also makes detangling much easier as well. I usually separate my hair into (4) [two on each side and two in the back], and it works like a charm. 
  • TRY OIL RINSING! It really works. Here's how you do it:
                   - Shampoo hair
                   - Apply your favorite oil to hair, & leave in for 5 mins [my fav is Brazil Nut Oil]

                   - Rinse out the oil with warm water
                   - Then condition your hair with your favorite condish
                   - Rinse out condish with cold water 
  • Detangle hair only while dripping wet, or under running water. Honestly, I have no real explanation why this works. It just does. And Lawd knows I don't ask questions when something works, I just go with the flow. Remember when detangling to start from the bottom first, working your way up. 
  • Seal in the moisture after applying a leave-in. I like to use Monoi De Tahiti oil on my hair [concentrating on my ends] after using my condish. Not only does it seal in the moisture, it also adds sheen, additional softness, and a soft scent.  
Try one [or hopefully all] of these methods, and you should notice a difference with single strand knots, and split ends! 


  1. thanks so much for this advice. it's worked a charm for me :)

  2. The pressure of the shower stream helps remove the tangles from your hair. It works like a charm!

  3. For the first time I ever I noticed some single strand knots and they're driving me insane. I'm going to give the oil rinsing a try! Thanks for the step by step.

  4. Praises be!!! Lord knows I've been fighting with these things, & the split ends are killing my soul glow! Thank you for this post, i def want to try the oil rinse.

  5. i just spent most of my saturday washing, conditioning, and straightening my hair so i could rid my entire mane of as many single strand knots and split ends i could fine. i literally went hunting for them! but i think i eliminated most of them. i will definitely be trying some of these methods, but i think i can still benefit from the straightening and search and destroy. thanks!

  6. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    I thought I was the only one struggling with this annoying problem. Deep down inside I knew my detangling method was off by one. Thanks to my sissy who is a huge fan of yours and raves about this site ALOT, I thought to give it a peek. Well worth it. I truly appreciate you touching on this topic because rare to none I have yet to read another naturalist doll pen on the topic "single strand knots."


    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    ~ NMC

  7. The reason the oil helps is that is adds 'slip' to the hair, make it harder for knots to form. I learned this from @KimmayTube, another great naturalista.

    I don't know, tho, why I do know this but haven't done any of what you guys have said to prevent knots in the first place! I have been too lazy to wash my hair the correct way. Thanks for the info. Your site has been a wonderful help to me.


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