Friday, January 29, 2010

I Heart Esperanza Spalding

I absolutely adore Esperanza Spalding! Her hair is a mass of lush, curly goodness, and her voice goes down smooth no chaser. Esperanza gives me Billy Holiday with an Afro-Cuban vibe, check out her videos below!


  1. I've just woke up and started to listen to her music, it's so cocooning ! Peaceful to listen.
    It relax and it's the kind of voice I appreciate a lot, thanks for today's discovery :)
    Also can you tell me how does she get her hair that way ? ..

  2. @Bois de Rose Avenue Thank you for watching, I love her voice too, it is definitely comforting and relaxing!

    Esperanza appears to have done the style commonly known as the "wash and go". You basically wash and condition your hair as normal, then apply your favorite light leave-in, finger-style, and use a blow-dryer with diffuser attachment to dry your hair and maintain luscious, frizz free curls!

  3. I love her music. Thanks for peeping her to us.


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