Friday, January 22, 2010

The hours of this day will go by, no matter what you do. What you get from them is up to you. - Ralph Marston

There is something about being around positive, ambitious, intelligent black women that just lifts my spirits [we are underrepresented in the media]. Positive energy really gets things flowing for me, I feed off of it. I live for it. Furthermore, I hate more than anything the stereotypical ideology that "we" are neck snapping, man stealing, gold digging women. Hold that thought, because that's another post for another time.

As you may recall, Lo and I recently started meeting at the top of this year to really get the ball rolling on various ventures we have been putting off for too long. We all know there are no snow days when it comes to working your life plan, so we wanted to put things in motion asap. This time the meeting commenced at Bella in Hollywood Ca, a nice little Italian eatery with a swank Roman vibe.

We threw around questions like "why are you here", "what defines your success", and "what is your passion". As those are things that should motivate you, not your fear of the unknown [which has motivated me for the past umpteen years]. Two hours, and a cocktail later, we were very refreshed, motivated, and in the zone ready to tackle goals in time for our next meeting.

[jacket: zara - dress: zara - gloves: vintage - scarf: forever 21 - jewelry: forever 21]

"Walk with those seeking truth... Run from those who think they've found it. " - Deepak Chopra


  1. u inspire me! I love your blog! You & Lo keep that postivity going n continue to look awesome while doing it..

  2. I LOVE your style! Your blog is amazing! I'm officially a follower!

  3. This is so inspirational. I moved to Philly (as a creative, business-minded type) and am so unmotivated?? I moved from NYC the mecca of creativity to a place I thought was similar...NOT!!. But this post has inspired me: instead of waiting around for someone to inspire me, I'm going to inspire and motivate others!! I think I'm going to do some of these meetings. I love this idea!!! Your style is dope!!

  4. @NaturalEnchantress Thank you very much for the love!!

  5. @Marsha Thank you very much. I am glad I could inspire you! Take that energy and pass it along! DEFINITELY try having some of these meetings, and pass some of the inspiration on to others in the process!

    I think the hardest thing for me was realizing that we have EVERYTHING we need to do what we want. I used my surroundings, lack of funds, lack of connections, lack of "insert other excuse here" and it deflated me, and kept me stagnant for a while.

  6. @Anonymous Thank you very much, and thank you for checking out my blog. It is much appreciated, believe me :-)

  7. I absolutely love this dress!!! Traveling to the Bahamas next month and this dress wold have been absolutely fabulous and I have decided to use it as my wardrobe inspiration. Loves it Nikole (with a K!)!


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