Friday, January 1, 2010

Hello World

 source: FanPix 
So here it is, I have finally decided to buckle down and start a blog, I thought it fitting to start my blog on Jan 1rst. In keeping with my New Years resolution, the plan is to keep up the blog for longer than a month (commitment issues much?) lol.

[sidenote:] I am sure you are probably wondering what Michael Jackson & Tatianna Thumbtzen have to do with this post. Well honestly; NOTHING. But who doesn't love Michael Jackson?  And I am obsessed with Tatianna's hair, so I just included her for the heck of it.

Ultimately the goal here is to share some beauty, fashion/hair tips, and maybe find a few more reasons to have photo shoots (lol), all in the name of fun of course. So bookmark, friend me, and enjoy!


1 comment:

  1. Day one to now! WOW you have such a great job! Love your Blog. God Bless :O)


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