Friday, January 8, 2010

Because I'm Obsessed

It's Friday, and I don't like to do much on Friday's. Most likely my morning will consist of sipping on Chai Tea while browsing pics of big, wild, bodacious hair. I'm having a moment because my detangling session  went all sorts of crazy last night, and I need a little curlspiration. Who couldn't use a little bit of curlspiration every now and then.



[All images in this post on Moptop Maven are copyrighted by their respective owner(s). Moptop Maven in no way, shape, form, or fashion takes credit for any of the photos posted. - Credits; Afrofloweruniverse, Fuckyeahblackchickswithstyle, I Mean Fashion, Black Angels NYC, I Love Me Some Sarcasm, Miss Jones]


  1. My heart barely made it through this post. I now need a drink and a cigarette and I don't even smoke. If this post did anything, it reinforced how happy I am with my decision to go natural. As tempted as I am to occassionally put heat to my hair, I am now so inspired to continue to embrace my coils and looking forward to accomplishing some of these styles.

    Thank you for this post!!!

  2. Embrace the coils doll!!! I must admit, these pics talked me down from hot comb hell many-a-day!

    And you are welcome!


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