Monday, December 13, 2010

Product Review: My Anita Grant Haul!!

About a month ago, the gracious staff over at Hairrogant [the US supplier of Anita Grant] offered to send me some Anita Grant products. Of course I obliged. I have heard many rave reviews on Anita's goodies, and I wanted to try them out for myself! I received a package of Whipped Butter [which I haven't tried yet], Creamy Cafe Latte, Organic Sapote Castor Hair Oil & Anita Grant's infamous Rhassoul Deep Conditioning Spa Mud. 

Rhassoul Deep Conditioning Spa Mud
$12.50 - 3 Cubes
Product Claims:
Our Rhassoul Deep Condishes contains Unrefined Black Cocoa Butter & natural Soya based Vitamin E (mixed tocopherols) which helps to guard scalp & hair from free radical damage. When hot liquid is added to our Rhassoul Deep Condishes, it swells & increases its surface area like a highly porous sponge.  Attracting & trapping toxins into these open porous spaces so that when it comes time to rinse the Rhassoul Deep Condish from your hair the toxins are eliminated and you're left with detoxified fluffy soft tresses.

My review:
 This was the consistency of my mixture
Because my hair is so thick, I decided to use two cubes. I poured about 2 ounces of hot water over two cubes and mixed it with a fork until it was a creamy consistency. I then applied the mixture to freshly shampooed hair and covered it with a plastic cap for about 45 minutes without heat. I then rinsed out the mixture with lukewarm water and the result was ridiculously soft, shiny hair. If I had to rate the softness factor on a scale from 1-10 it would definitely get a ten. No doubt about it. - I also loved that it left my hair full of body and so soft that I could actually comb through my hair using my fingers without it snagging on any knots.

Who should use it: 
If you are struggling with chronic dry strands, or you just want to treat your hair to an ultra hydrating deep conditioning treat, try this out! 

Would I actually purchase this?
Most definitely! This is something that I plan on using twice a month. I love that it is natural and and that it detoxifies and hydrates my hair without leaving it feeling coated or stripped. 
My hair with the treatment
This was how shiny my hair was after rinsing out the conditioning cubes!
Organic Sapote Castor Hair Oil 
$27.00 - 3.38ounces
Product Claims: 
All of Anita Grant's Castor Hair Oils are rich in texture but light enough to be used every day to seal in moisture, protect & restore vitality to your curls. - Product also helps eliminate issues with dermatitis, helps repair damaged and over-processed hair, and also promotes hair growth. 

My review:
I used this oil on wet hair to seal in the moisture after applying my leave-in conditioner. I only used about a dime size portion on each section of hair [my hair was sectioned in four big braids; two in the front, and two in the back] and I blow-dried my hair on warm until it was slightly damp; braiding each section as I was done with it. 
My hair after blow-drying and removing braids. Still very shiny, soft and bouncy!
The Sapote Castor Hair Oil made my hair easier to manage whilst blow-drying and also kept my strands very soft and full of body. - I love that this product is light enough to be used for heat styling and hydrating enough to actually deliver moisture to highly textured hair like mine. 

Who should use it?
If you are looking for an oil to seal in the moisture, aid in heat styling, or looking for a product to use as a hot oil treatment, this is definitely for you. 

Would I actually buy this product?
Yes. I definitely plan on purchasing this product when my bottle runs out. I love the ingredients, and I love how my hair felt after using this product. - I must admit I was a little leery of this product because I am not really a fan of Castor Oil, but this is much lighter and penetrates my hair much better than Castor Oil. 
Creamy Cafe Latte
$13 - 3.5 ounces
Product Claims: 
Pure Brazilian Coffee Oil stimulates the follicles while the wholesome goodness of Organic Virgin Coconut oil, nourishes your skin and naturally curly hair. Decadent Organic, Unrefined Fair Trade Black Cocoa Butter from Ghana conditions from top to toe, and the vitamin enriched - velvety suppleness of Australian Macadamia Nut Oil lovingly caresses you everywhere. All engulfed in an abundance of delicious natural & organic skin and curly hair care loving ingredients...mmm-mmm-goodness! 

Product Review:
I think I have found the Holy Grail of butters. Some of you that read my blog may know that I am not really a fan of hair butters. It seems as though they always sit on my hair, and coat the strands rather than soften and nourish them. - 

So fast forward to the review: After each section of my hair dried thoroughly, I decided to cornrow my hair for a light, fluffy braid out. I took down my braids and used the Creamy Cafe Latte on each section as I braided it. Applying the Cafe Latte made cornrowing a breeze [something I absolutely hate doing on my natural hair], and gave my hair tons of sheen and softness.  - I think for me this is the Mecca of hair butters because it definitely made a difference in how easy it was to work with, and how soft and bouncy it left my hair. The sheen was also a definite plus.
I am feeling very "Cleo" from Set It Off in this pic. - I cornrowed my hair using Creamy Cafe Latte, it made my hair soft and manageable, and very shiny!

I don't know how it does for curl definition, as I used this on a dry braid out in which I only left the braids in for a few hours. 
Would I actually purchase this product?
Most definitely! I plan on purchasing a few more jars in the near future for myself and for friends. 

Overall I was very impressed with the performance and quality of Anita Grants products. Most of the ingredients are natural and perform well on highly textured hair! 
I did not purchase this product. This product was sent to me for review by Hairrogant courtesy of Anita Grant. In order to maintain the integrity of MTM, all samples sent by PR are for consideration only. This allows me to share with you products that work well for me and are worth spreading the word about. If you would like to read my entire policy regarding product reviews, please read the Editorial Policy by clicking {here}.

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  1. I am BEYOND stoked that Anita Grant is carried in the US. I tried the Rhassoul a few years ago and it was amazing.

    Now I have more stuff to stock up on. NICE.

  2. I used the rhassoul cubes a few weeks ago with coconut milk. It left my hair super soft and detangled, but I couldn't get this weird residue off until I shampooed again. This time I am going to try it with plain water, could have been the combo of the milk.

    I really want to try the butters. I hope they expand the line here in the US, because her store offers soooo many tempting things to try.

  3. Can you use the Rhassoul after a henna as a deep conditioner?

  4. now those are some results that I can whoop and holla about! your hair looks healthy, shiny, beautiful! I definitely some Anita Grant products in my life, apparently

  5. Love post. Definitely want to try the Anita Grant products, but trying to keep my product junkism under control. Thanks for the product review and love the cornrows. LLP~OGC

  6. Love the shine! One question, where is the rhassoul deep conditioner at the price of $12.50? The website advertise it for $98 and that seems a little steep. Would LOVE to try it but not for that price.

  7. your hair is so lovely I can't stand it!! fab. You have the healthy, beautiful, thick hair EVERYONE wants :)

  8. I love Anita's rhassoul - it was love at first application for me. I hope more of her stuff gets sold here in the US.

  9. Wow I didn't know her stuff could be ordered stateside, as I have always ordered her stuff from her website over seas! I've been in love with her products for about 3 years. I use her butters (they smell divine), and the shampoo bars. I'm going to have to try the castor oil. Thanks for the reviews, they are helpful.

  10. @ Anon 4:27

    a large block of the product is $98, you have to select cubes in the drop down menu and the price will change to $12.50

    I just ordered some, pretty excited!

  11. Love the review. You hair looked so soft after the treatment. I am in awe of your cornrowing skills...they are so neat. Love it

  12. I have used all these products and use her cucumber oil to oil cleanse (taht stuff is wonderful and smells great.)

    I'm not a fan of her hair butters but I hate butters. Cafe Latte left my hair greasy and sat on top of it.

    The Castor and Sapote oil was good for sealing but this winter(fall) I bought some and it smelled absolutely rancid. It usually has a light woody scent that is pleasant but this batch just smelled wrong. They said it was because of the time of year it was harvested.

    The Rhassoul worked the first time I used it and never again. I have no idea why but have never repurchased.

    I live in the UK so I have perfect access to her stuff. She may use good ingredients and some of it may smell nice but I'd take you guys' product lines any day over AG stuff. The only thin I'll repurchase is the skin oil and lippy puckers. Save your money!

  13. LOVE YOUR HAIR Mz MopTop!!!

    I live in the UK and I have been purchasing Anita's Castor & Sapote, Cafe Latte Vanilla and Rhassoul Condish for over 3 years now. Talk about HAIR LOVE!!!
    For me, with Anita Grant products my money is well spent/invested added bonus no parabens, no nasty chemicals.

    I guess what works & smells great to me may not work or smell great to you.
    Perhaps you just need to keep on searching for your Holy Grail of hair products. British Curlies has loads of American products.

  14. The cafe latte is described as a leave-in on Anita Grants website. Would u recommend using it as a leave-in then sealing with the whipped butter afterwards? Your hair looked so beautiful that I googled anita grant and found out that she's from the UK like me! I cnt describe how happy it made me feel to find natural hair products from the UK *tear*tear* lol. I ordered a bunch of samples (curbed the PJ'ism by sticking to samples lol). Would u recommend the rhassoul for thin hair?

  15. Anita Grant products smell and feel great on the hair and scalp. Downside is the (small) packaging which looks cheap. Their customer service in the UK is also unhelpful and products are not delivered promptly.

  16. i love your braids and the braidout.

  17. heyy,
    I really like your blog since I've been nappy for more than 6 months now !
    I just started one at:
    Can you check it out and tell me what you think of it? That would be really nice.. :)


  18. I purchased the Roux Porosity Control to help with my heat damage. Is this bad to use in the winter? I'm trying to follow the repair regg you posted. Can I do this in the winter?

  19. I love your hair, it is soooooooo gorgeous!!


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