Monday, December 13, 2010

Fashion & Beauty Ethos: DIY Chic Tribal Mani

Everywhere I turn, I find design speckled with tribal undertones. So I decided to do my nails in a tribal inspired mani this past weekend, and it was extremely easy! In keeping with the theme the past few weeks, I decided to use a toothpick for the line details and it was a breeze. 
You Will Need:
Two Shades of Nail Lacquer; O.P.I - "The It Color" [yellow] & O.P.I "Over The Taupe" [taupe color]
Black Nail Polish: I used Rimmel in "Black Satin"
Toothpicks for nail design 
Top Coat: I tried out Seche Vite, so far so good ladies!
Base Coat: I used Essie Protein Base Coat 
Apply a base coat
Paint a little more than half your nail bed with two coats of your main color
Paint the remainder of your nail with two coats of your secondary color 
Draw a line down the middle of your nails with your toothpick dipped in black nail polish [be careful not to drag the toothpick as it may scrape the polish; instead lightly dot it creating a solid line]
Draw several lines near the top portion of your nail bed
 Draw more lines as illustrated in the photo above
Now draw dots down the nail bed using a new toothpick and black nail polish
Repeat the steps above on each nail, then seal with a top coat
Enjoy your new nails!

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  1. These are your own little pattern on your nails.

    iblog here>

  2. so cute! i like the taupe and yellow color combination

  3. oh yeah i still need to try the one from last week. keep em coming!

  4. SO cute!

  5. Going to try this tonight :) Thanks doll!

  6. I don't know if you've ever checked out the WAH Nails site, but they have a ton of design inspiration. Love these nails...

  7. I have to try that- luv it

  8. I like it! And it seems simple to do so I'll try it :)

  9. I had to do it. I did my nails with a pink/blue and I did my roommmates with blue/green. Every post you have she tweets me to ask me to try them. I'm enjoying the art.

  10. How important is a base coat b/c I used seche vite top coat only and it did not last as long as I had hoped. Does using a base coat along with a top coat increase the longevity of your nails?

  11. cool! I'm feeling a Frank Lloyd Wright vibe too

  12. girl you are getting even more creative on the nails. this is lovely artwork!

  13. These are gorg! I love the asymmetrical feel and the use of neutral colors. Gives me inspiration for my living room!

  14. I'm definitely going to try this!!! LUVS IT ;D



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