Monday, July 26, 2010

Pix From The Concert!

Here are some pics from the concert this past Friday! If you've never experienced Bilal live, I recommend you add it to your bucket list; you won't be disappointed.

 Whilst there, I spotted some folks w/dope style

I loved their necklaces; the gentlemen on the right is the designer behind the Los Angeles based jewelry line Browne & Co. Limited quantities are available @Fred Segal in L.A

 Later on that night, we decided to go to Kiss N Grind to hear Vikter Duplaix spin!

We laughed, and danced the night away!

Necklaces: DIY
Belt: Thrifted
Clutch: Thrifted
Shorts: Thrifted
Jewelry: Forever 21


  1. I am absolutely in love with how well your top goes with your necklaces. I saw the pics on Lo's blog and wondered if you made them yourself.

  2. Did you make those necklaces? Gorgeous. Both of you look like you had a great time.

  3. I have fallen madly in love with the shirt that you are wearing in those pics!!! The colors are so vibrant!!!

  4. I LOVE Bilal!! Hope to experience hearing him live one day :]

  5. Vikter Duplaix!!! Bilal!!! In one night!!! *speechless swooning*

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  7. Miss Fizzy said it! Vikter Duplaix & Bilal in one night!!! I love the Kiss N Grind Events. Great interview w/ Bilal and congrats on ur blog accomplishments thus far. I saw a post that you and Lo were featured in on Coco & Creme along with some of my other fav Black fashion bloggers. You and Lo are are so inspirational. Continue to follow your dreams and reach for the stars... I know I will. :-)

  8. What lipstick is Lo wearing? I need it my life!

  9. Lots of great style! very colorful.
    the bright lipstick suits you gals well. So much for myths eh?

  10. how did you make this fabulous necklace???
    can we have tutorial of it???
    Great blog. i love it.

  11. Looking fab as usual...come on now hook us with a tut for those awesome necklaces!!

  12. great photos as always. i am partial to those 'Africana' necklaces you 've got on .... especially love how you have updated this beloved African piece into a modern look. i fondly remember wearing these on the hips while dancing as a little girl with my Grandmum :)

    btw....saw you and Lo on Coco & well deserved for the pair of you! was soo elated to see you fabulous girls featured!!

    stay fabulous!:)

  13. @Latoya Thank you very much!

    @juvenescent I did! Thank you, we had a wonderful time!

    @Mystic Jungle Thank you very much!

    @LadyTaurus I love him too! And you must experience his live show!

    @Miss Fizzy I am going to use that line *speechless swooning* ha ha ha! Glad to see you have great taste in music!

    @Encourage and Uplift Thank You

    @UrbanGlamGyrl Thank you very, very much! Let me know the next time you go to one of his events!

    @Efe Lo is wearing Schiap by Nars!

    @Alexandra Thank you so much!!!

    @YupGotARetroSoul I need to find a place locally where you all would be able to get those components, so that it would be able to come out similar. Those were disks I had shipped to me from Africa for my jewelry line. - When I find a US supplier [or find a way that you could make the disks], I will post a tut!

    @Lola Re Thank You!

    @The CultureCynic Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I am coming to your city soon, and we must connect while I am there!

  14. GREAT PICS!! How old/new is that bcbg shirt?? Its HOTT!

  15. You and Lo look amazing. And I'm also quite jealous since Bilal is my imaginary troubadour -- but I've never seen him live! Thats definitely next on the list.



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