Friday, March 12, 2010

Today's Braid Out Is....

 ...not quite what I thought it would be, this is definitely not a look I would write home about. I had high hopes after my last braid out. Don't get me wrong, it's soft and all, but because it lacked so much definition, I knew that by the end of the day I would have a major poof ball. Reluctantly, I pulled it back in a pony before I left this morning. I guess that's what I get for toying with a formula that works.

I was so afraid of frizz, I couldn't finger style it the way I normally like to. So I was left with "piece-y" ends and areas that were see through. No bueno. I like my braid outs defined, full, and with lots of body, all things I really didn't have this morning.

Running your fingers through the hair [using your hands like a comb], is a way to separate the waves so that the braid out looks more natural. I really couldn't do that today.

Instead of using Miss Jessie's CP for braiding, I used Amla & Olive Heavy Cream by Qhemet Biologics. Now don't get me wrong, this is a wonderful product, I just need to stick to what I bought it for; a moisturizer. I am starting to see that my hair reacts much better to things that have a thinner, almost pudding-like consistency versus products that are super thick and creamy.

The only drawback is that most of the products that work well for me ["puddings" or "custards"] have polymers in them [Miss Jessie's has Carbomer - A polymer made from acrylic acid], and while they play a major role in definition, I don't like the residue that polymers tend to leave on the hair [that tacky feeling]. Kinky Curly Curling Custard works well for a lot of folks, however it has Pectin [which is also a polymer, and a byproduct of fruit] in it, so no matter how much I use, I always tend to have some sort of residue on my hair.

I think it is time to dip back in the closet and try to find a home grown substitute for all those polymer laden products I have come to depend on. If I find a subbie, I will definitely share it with you :-)

In other news, I stopped by India Sweets & Spices  to pick up some Henna for this weekend, and a few other goodies :-)

If you haven't tried the spice packets from the Indian grocery stores, you should give it a go at least once! The Chicken Tikka Masala mix is yummy, and so is the Alu Methi (Potatoes w/ Fenugreek). I use the Supreme Henna, Full Full Colour. It was recommended to me by Shreya, one of the Indian women at Pioneer Cash & Carry [my fav Indian store in Artesia, Ca].

I also picked up a few sheets of Henna tattoos, I like to wear them on my hands sometimes, guess I kinda got obsessed with them after wearing them for Halloween last year....They are easy to apply, and come off easily with a little bit of fingernail polish remover. You can use all or part of the tattoo, and you can put it anywhere you like!


  1. ur Halloween costume is awesome. you do look south Asian!! just learned something new (hair products and definition. I would like to try those high end natural products but can't afford it... i'm just looking for other ways to moisturize and get that twist out definition.

    I must ask, its your application of indigo that gives such beautiful darkness to your strands?

  2. getting an authentic henna tattoo on the inside of my palms is definitely on my "must do" list for the summer right behind hair cut and first real tattoo.

    random sidenote: i heart your hair.

    a new follower,


  3. i had no idea they had sheet tattoos. will be looking for some this weekend. i love henna! not so much for my hair but i love henna tattoos. i want to get a very detailed one going down my side for the summer and of course on my feet. your pics are awesome. i love your blog. you seem like my virtual twin. i swear i feel like i could be writing most of your blog posts! :)

  4. :) I'm at Pioneer every 2 months for ingredients whenever I'm in the mood for Trini cooking! There's a sweets and spices in day I'll try the henna.

    Is the full full color product red/brown/black? Do I need to add indigo?

  5. @τreciä Oh yes! Indigo is what does it for me. My natural hair color is a very boring dull brown. I am looking for other ways as well, I really can't afford to keep spending an upwards of $20 per bottle on something I run through like water.

    @frenchiexpoo Thank You! I would LOVE to have a real henna tattoo, I am just deathly afraid of needles. I have one tiny tattoo on my lower back, and I thought the world was coming to an end. Please if you get one, send me a pic! I would loveeee to see it and live vicariously through you!

    @Kurly Bella Oh yes, they have tons of different patterns and colors! One going down the side would be sick! Especially with some of the bridal patterns that they have...If I could brave the needle for longer than 10 minutes, that is one tattoo I would definitely get. How about I am loving your hair in your profile pic!

    @Keebo Are you? Oh that is funny, we have probably been in the same area at the same time and didn't even know it!

    Well the color itself is green, it's just regular henna with Amla, and Shikakai in it. It darkens the hair a little bit [the amla keeps it from darkening your hair like reg henna], I use this mixture for Henna Glossing [when I want to strengthen, and condition my hair] - I use straight henna [no amla, no shakakai] mixed with Indigo when I want to darken my hair to jet black.

  6. Oh my goodness, you looked SUPER gorgeous for halloween!! What a great costume!! Can we get a tutorial on how you straightened and got the smooth edges and unbelievable shine?!


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