Monday, March 15, 2010

To Market ..To Market

I have always wanted to check out the Hollywood Farmer's Market, but I could never get myself out of bed before 9AM on a Sunday morning. This weekend, I woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and made my way to market with list in hand. When I got there, I really wondered why I hadn't taken advantage of the abundance fresh fruits and veggies [all pesticide free] at those phenomenal prices a bit sooner.

All of the bundled herbs were ONE DOLLAR! Funny because I just bought a tiny little package of "fresh" herbs from Ralph's for $3.99 [and it wilted a day later]. And since we are on the subject of produce going bad less than 24 hours after purchase, did you know that some items are treated and coated to give a "fresh" appearance? As if pesticide laden produce wasn't enough of a deterrent, I now have to worry that it isn't as "fresh" as it appears.Check out this article titled Farmer's Market vs. Supermarket.

Meat and eggs were also on my list. Since I can't bring myself to go vegan,  I want to purchase eggs from chickens that are cage-free, and meat from free range animals [supporting local farmers is also a plus]. The prices for poultry and eggs were also surprisingly affordable [a little higher than grocery store prices].

I did my hair in 8 big braids, and left them in for a day. Nothing spectacular, I have been fighting a cold for the past few days, so I didn't want to spend much time fussing over my hair.

The weather was also surprisingly warm, and I must have missed the memo because I dressed in layers and grabbed my warm sweater on the way out-the-door. I wasn't wearing anything spectacular; a dress I picked up from Zara, some Forever 21 ripped skinny's, my $1 clutch [score], and those Michael Kors shoes. My sweater was also from Forever.

I picked up some fresh Orange Honey too! I think I will try it with my Earl Grey to see how it fairs.
They had flowers at stellar prices, so I picked up a bouquet [the flowers I am holding in the 1rst pic only cost me a whopping $6 dollars].

I also picked up some Basil from a vendor who had the most AMAZING pesto sauce to ever hit my taste buds. They grow their own Basil hydroponically, which helps cut out the bitter taste which originates from the soil. I purchased a "bunch", for about $4. - I made dinner last night using my herbs and veggies purchased from the Farmer's Market, and I could definitely taste the difference.


  1. I don't frequent the Farmer's Market but when I do go I love it. I most often shop @ Trader Joe's which I absolutely love!!

  2. how in d world do u eat acorn

  3. You have just inspired me to find my local Farmer's Market!

  4. Are you serious that that BE-A-YOOOU-TI-FUL bouquet of flowers was only 6 bucks? Woooow! I may have to check out my local farmer's market.

  5. Luv the look...Luv the photos! I went to the Farmers Market this weekend as well. Gotta love those fresh veggies and fruits.

  6. @BeautyXChange you gotta love Trader Joes!

    @Seygra20 That's a good question!!! LOL I was wondering the same thing.

    @Robyn's Nest Thank you! You should really check it out, they have fresh seafood too!

    @Anonymous I know! $6!!! I snatched them when she told me the price! LOL

    @Full-Figured Diva Thank you! I swear I don't know why I haven't been sooner!

  7. You know, where I live there is a food market and I never go, I soon will. Also, I LOVE your hair!

  8. Hey, this is the same "Anonymous" that previously commented on this post. I know I should go ahead and subscribe. I come here often enough. I will when I get the time. Anywho, dying to know what color/brand lipstick that is. Love that it looks kind of matte. Not too shiny. Checking back soon for your reply:-)


  9. ahhhhh! I miss my farmer's markets! Me and my family would play jazz (in our lil family jazz group) at our local farmers market in L.A. every Saturday. I miss home! SLC has them here, but only from the beginning of summer until early October:-(

    I loooooooove red lipstick, what kind is yours? It looks like it is like a tangerine red, it's gorgeous and I need it in my life:-D

  10. Oh to have one of those in phoenix! Our farmers market is such a drag.

  11. Love the "All Natural", food....and I love, the clothes!!! Thanks for sharing.

  12. @Olivia Thank You! Check it out, this market is like 10 minutes away from me, and I was kicking myself for not going sooner! LOL

    @Anonymous Hey chica! It's Ruby Woo from MAC. My favorite red!

    @Mrs. Denga :-/ Is it?? Well heck you have a Waffle House and we don't! LOL

    @Encourage and Uplift Thank you!! We have to check it out one of these days!

  13. I love the Hollywood Farmers Market... I try to go at least twice a month! Gotta see my honey guy, the flower guy and Super Salads to Go!


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